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For fans of cheerleaderless Bears -- here's what you're missing

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Die-hard Bears fans will recall a day when the team's cheerleaders -- the Honey Bears -- roamed the sidelines at Soldier Field.

It was just before Super Bowl XX that the decision was handed down that after 10 illustrious years that the Honey Bears would be no more.

Sure, we still have the Luvabulls, the scantily clad gals who shovel errant ice chips at Blackhawks games and the Hot Rox Dancers -- who have actually outlasted the Chicago Shamrox, for whom they previously cheered.

But there's something about football cheerleaders that just makes sense -- and the lackthereof in Chicago that doesn't.

For proof of this, we take you to Boston, where tryouts were recently held to become Patriots cheerleaders.
With the absence of football cheerleader tryouts, Chicago media outlets are unable to make online photo galleries of said tryouts.

So kudos, Boston Globe -- we here in Chicago envy your ability to cover such events as Patriots Cheerleader tryouts. Enjoy their photo gallery.

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my girlfriend always wondered by jerry reinsdorf didnt name the cheerleaders, 'the bullwinkles'. weird.

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