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Faking it: Some soccer players are better actors than others

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One of the complaints that I hear about soccer is that there is too much flopping. A lot of meat-and-potatoes fans don't think it has a place in sports -- the same ones who tune into Duke basketball with vigor. Irony alert!

In this case, however, I am going to side with the anti-flopping camp.

Brazilian midfielder Sergio Escudero shows us just how painful the linesman's nylon flag can be -- if you use your imagination.

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Love it. Classic stuff. I think there's also a future in soccer for Robert Horry:

I have been informed that it is widely known that much of this flopping stuff is an act, but that the players accept it (and keep doing it), because it's a way for a quick breather ... hence why you don't exactly see baseball players 'flopping' .. not much need ;)

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