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Dancing Celtics fan Daylon Trotman makes appearance on 'Ellen'

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I haven't seen many episodes, but (in addition to being a jean jacket connoisseur) my Sports Pros(e) cohort, Kyle, is a huge fan of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

It just so happens that we share a passion for Jumbotron antics, which is why we were very excited by the appearance of Daylon Trotman on "Ellen" today. The 7-year-old Celtics fan has become somewhat of an overnight celebrity in Boston thanks to his dance routine that was caught on the Jumbotron at the Garden recently.

Here's (soon-to-be-removed-from-YouTube) video of the Celtics fan-turned-viral-video enthusiast on "Ellen" today:

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They could never fire me, because who would everyone make fun of?


Linda S.

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