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Curt Schilling wants to play for the Cubs -- or Tampa Bay

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curt_schilling.jpgBloody sock and blogging enthusiast Curt Schilling seems pretty keen on the idea of pitching for the Cubs. The 42-year-old pitcher told the Orlando Sentinel that the chance of breaking a 101-year title drought could lure him back to the mound for one season.

Schilling, who missed the 2008 season with a shoulder injury, indicated he wants to go to a contender.
"The challenge would be in a place like Tampa Bay or Chicago," he said.
Schilling is not expecting to be on any opening day rosters and is still mulling over the decision to return.

"I'm hemming and hawing right now," he said. "I'll make a decision in the next couple of weeks."
So, Cubs fans: Would you like to see Schilling come to Wrigley? Or should he stick to updating his blog?

Schilling declares he wants to play for the Cubs . . . or Tampa Bay   (Orlando Sentinel)

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I would love to see Schilling in a Cubs uni. It could bring the Cubs some much needed experience in the postseason as well as that 5th arm in the rotation. Great move if I'm Hendry.

There is no story here. Nobody from the Cubs has contacted him. He has not pitched in over a year and when he last did he was terrible. These are not the Cubs of the lean years when we annually signed 'has-been' players. Let's focus on the real team and players who are on the squad now!

Please don't bring this arrogant SOB to the North Side. Let him run his self-serving, holier than thou blog from a city far far away from Chicago and let him never wear a Cubs uniform.

Please let this remain a non-story.


How would he look? Like an oblivious, ego-maniac has-been.

What would Shilling look like in a Cub uniform?
Like an old guy in a Cub uniform.

Stick a fork in him. He's done! I would rather see Ronnie Woo Woo on the mound.

all we need is this...........Jim H he not winner he is a whinner!

9-8 with a 3.87 ERA (his seasons stats from '07) is far from terrible.

Its not that hard of a decision for the cubs, if he can still throw you sign him to the minimum contract. The coaching staff will be able to tell if he can still throw and if he can you would be stupid not to sign him, even with the circus that will follow.

there is a common misconception about skirt's hemoglobin-soaked sanitary sock. in fact it was a sanitary napkin that slipped from 'neath his g-string. we all became so emotional, since it was skirt's time of the month, that we made that faux pas. live and learn.

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