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Cheering A-Rod's injury? What does that say about you?

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alex-rod.jpgAlex Rodriguez, who has been at the epicenter of a media hurricane since word of his performance-enhancing drug use surfaced, now has a torn labrum in his right hip that may require surgery.

Such a surgery would cause the Yankees slugger to miss around four months, so for the moment, he's hoping a steady diet of rest and treatment help him avoid needing such a procedure.

And, despite knowing the firestorm of backlash and criticism this is sure to invite, I hope Rodriguez is able to get back on the field as quickly as possible. Why? Because I am fed up with people rooting for athletes to fail and cheering injuries.
When news of A-Rod's injury broke earlier today, one of the first comments that I overheard at the gym was some guy intimating that this is what he gets for cheating.

I shook my head.

Yes, Rodriguez was one of 104 players who tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs. He owned up to his mistakes, ones he never should have been made to face alone and was looking to lead the Dominican Republic to a World Baseball Classic title and the New York Yankees to a World Series.

In short, getting back on the the field was the best medicine for an ailing image. And now it looks like the sweet-swinging third baseman will have to wait to make positive headlines.

I get why people want him to fail. I do. He's the highest paid player. He's a villain. He plays for the Yankees. He's done little to curry favor in the court of public opinion.

But there's a different between failing to get it done in a clutch situation and not getting the chance to succeed. You're entitled to pull for him to hit into a 6-4-3 to end a rally, but taking joy in a player's injury is Bush League.

Think about it. What does it say about you as a person that you revel in someone else's physical misfortune? All things aside, does that really seem like something you'd be proud of.

I'm not a big Alex Rodriguez fan. To me, the Yankees and the Red Sox represent dueling Evil Empires, driving by the dollar. You'll never find me cheering his home runs. But that doesn't mean I don't want him to hit them. Indiscretions aside, he's one of the greatest players you'll ever see play.


Since 1996, he's played in more games than any major leaguer. He's a player who will define this era. In my mind, a surefire Hall of Famer.

No matter how bad you want the stain of steroids to go away, it's not going to. You can't turn back time and you'll never get ultimate justice. Users will skate by. Dirty records will stand. The sooner we accept that, the sooner we can enjoy the rebuilding era.

Maybe some of you feel like that guy at the gym. And you're entitled to. But look deeply at this idea of of karmatic comeuppance before you extoll its greatness. The next person it strike may be on your team.

And don't delight in someone's injuries. It's just not right.


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Why should I even care about A-Rod? Perhaps the rule of " what goes around...comes around " should be applied here! He never was very good at defense so this shouldn't make much of a difference.

I agree with you to some extent but the fans have been let down so many times and in so many ways. Yankee fans had faith and stayed by his side despite everything and let's face it...everybody has a limit.

While the average american struggles to make ends meet and he makes a ridiculous amount of money and doesn't even play the game fair and clean, WHY wouldn't baseball fans cheer his injury?

Maybe they should remove that big lance that sits on top of his tiny shoulders while they are at it!

Thank you for this article. This really needed to be said. Be angry with the poor sportsmanship that went along with Arod's use of steroids, but don't overlook the fact that rooting for an athlete to fail, or worse, to have a possibly career ending injury is poor sportsmanship of the worst type, as well as small minded and just plain cruel.

I never like to see anyone injured in any sport,cheering someones misfortune shows that persons total lack of sportsmanship,that no true fan would want to be the reason for defeating that team!! That said I belive there should some sort of punishment for breaking the rules and lieing about it. Arod is much to self centered for my liking,but is a great ball player and fun to watch. Lastly as for the hall of fame why Arod and not Pete Rose?

Okay obviously you do't really get the point. Arguing that A-Rod is a great player because he's played in more games than anyone since 1996 goes directly to his involvement with steroids. Sure he stayed healthy he was violating MLB rules and US law to recuperate faster than he was legally allowed. Additionally the other aspect of his play that you bring up his home run hitting. This is the second major aspect of baseball that is effected by steroids. Steroids for example don't make you a smarter base runner or give you better hands to field with, but they do give you the ability to really smack the crap out of a ball and stay healthy while doing it. A cursory look at A-Rod's fielding performances reveals that he's actually pretty crappy. Since the year he's alleged to have started the steroids he's had double digit errors every season. the only season he had less than 10 in was 2003 which A-Rod admits is the height of his using steroids. Bottomline, without steroids I think his numbers would look totally differnt. Averages 27 hr/year before steroids, avg. 52 during the three years he took steroids. Gee that's double the amount, nearly perfectly.
While I agree that people shouldn't cheer any injury, I think it's preposterous for you to claim that people should respect A-Rod because he's one of the greatest players of our time because the records will very clearly indicate that this simply isn't the case.

I'm a Red Sox fan I want AROD back 100%. I want to beat the Yankees at full strength. I was at a bar in Philly when Tom Brady was injured. People were high-fiving. It was disgusting. I don't mind rooting for people to fail, but cheering injury is sick. If you don't agree, you need to get a life.

As a baseball fan, I would never root for ANY player to be injured. I will root for them to fail miserably! But I need A-Roid on the field to prove my hypothesis that while he is an extremely gifted player, the STEROIDS have made him a much more prolific player. Bonds, McGuire, Clemens and Sosa have proven what happens when a player is on steroids. Giambi has shown what happens to a player that remains in the game after steroids. I want to see A-Roids numbers after his admission - INJURY FREE- I want to see the drop off that EVERY player experiences as age takes it's toll!

To think that any true baseball fan is cheering for A-rod to be injured is preposterous, Kyle. The negative attention that A-rod receives is brought on by his own selfishness, stupidity and arrogance. It's easy and fulfilling to cheer for a nice person; likewise it's just as easy to cheer against a selfish, stupid and arrogant person, especially one who is also an unmitigated liar who taints the profession that he has been paid hundreds of million dollars to play. That's right... he gets paid a sick amount of money to PLAY a GAME. You state, "I'm not a big Alex Rodriguez fan" yet you certainly are acting as his apologist. You give A-rod way too much credit, Kyle, he should not be viewed as "a player who will define this era". He should be viewed for what he is: a cheater.

I don't rejoice in anyone's injury. It's the last thing I'd want to happen to a player. It takes away from the game. However, being a full-blooded Boston Red Sox fan, I do enjoy anything that hampers the NY Yankees from succeeding. Their fans are obnoxious and Hank (Georgie Porgie Jr.) Steinbrenner has the same pompous attitude that his father Georgie Porgie Sr. has. Anything that leads to their downfall is great in my book. I do wish A-Rod a quick recovery but not the Yankees.

As soon as the baseball writers and others who vote these cheaters into the hall of fame instead of the hall of shame stop giving them a get out of jail card every time the problems will immediately cease to exist.

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