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Brewers implement dollar menu at Miller Park

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The Brewers may not have CC Sabathia and Ben Sheets to torment the NL Central this season, but their fans will have something to celebrate that Cubs fans certainly won't: A dollar menu.

Don Walker of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that the Brew Crew is planning to open a concession stand in Miller Park specifically for those fans who enjoy the tradition of consuming food at baseball games, but dislike paying $5 for encased meat in these tough economic times.

From Walker's aptly named Brewers Blog:
"The move to a $1 menu is clearly being driven by the economic conditions. Other teams in baseball are planning similar moves at their ballparks.

"Schlesinger said he could foresee a stand that would sell $1 hot dogs, $1 sodas and a small tub of popcorn for $1. He said the stand would not be open for every game this season, and would not be in operation for the opening homestand against the Chicago Cubs."

Even with the tough economy, the Brewers still set a team record for single-game tickets sold with 104,000 -- a number that most Cub fans would likely identify as "cute."

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We can be to Milwaukee in 100 minutes. A dollar menu would increase my enjoyment of a baseball game ten-fold.

The White Stocking should try this. Their cheap fans need all the incentive they can get.

Linda S.

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