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Blackhawks (or a virtual facsimile thereof) win Stanley Cup

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Lord Stanley has come to Chicago. History was made last night in Wrigleyville as the Chicago Blackhawks won the 2008-09 Stanley Cup -- in my buddy's NHL '09 for Playstation 3 dynasty mode.

In an exclusive e-mail obtained by the Sports Pros(e) staff, coach Jon Redmond writes:

The Playstation 3 2009 NHL season came to an end last night with a thrilling 4 - 3 OT win in a Game 7 versus the Tampa Bay Lightning.
I just got off the phone with Mayor Daley who is thrilled to have a championship return to Chicago.
I'd like to thank my two roommates, Eric and Chris for their dedication towards winning this championship.  In addition, I'd like to give a shout out to Zach for purchasing the game as my Christmas gift.  Andy, Dustin, Brad and Russ for their stellar play throughout the season.
It was a long and treacherous road.  Entering the playoffs as a 6th seed (45 regular season wins).  We were pushed to the brink of elimination in round 1 of the Western Conference Playoffs versus the Colorado Avalanche before we took down the Calgary Flames and San Jose Sharks to win the Cambell Bowl.
Defenseman Duncan Keith won the James Norris Memorial Trophy for the regular season and even more impressively, Keith won the Conn Smyth Trophy. 
Goalie Nikolai Khabibulin was awarded the William M. Jennings Trophy for his great play between the pipes.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get ready for my celebratory lunch with Ms. Carol Moseley Braun!!!
Coach Redmond
I know as journalists we're supposed to stay impartial when it comes to these matters, but I have to say I was pulling for Redmond all season long. I coached my club against his a few times in online gameplay, so I've witnessed, via the power of the Interweb, Jon's on-ice tenacity and devotion to the game of fake hockey.

He's a competitor through and through. He gives 110 percent every time his club suits up. And when he checks you against the boards, you'd better believe your DuoShock controller is going to rumble more vociferously than, say, when I face user name caps_fan_311. 

So let us be the first to congratulate coach Redmond and his team. And we leave you with the following photographic evidence of this momentous occasion:
Blackhawks 001.jpg Blackhawks 002.jpg Blackhawks 003.jpg Blackhawks 004.jpg Blackhawks 005.jpg Blackhawks 006.jpg Blackhawks 008.jpg Blackhawks 010.jpg Blackhawks 011.jpg

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Huge...I now know what the future holds! I'm cashing my 401k and heading to 'Vegas...cha'ching!

The Stanley Cup coming to Chicago is stellar news. The focus and perserverence of Coach Redmond and his collabrative forces have returned glory to our great city. I enjoy the attention to detail and the well thought out photos. Our Blackhawks never looked better. Great job team. Keep up the momentum and bring home a Cubs championship while your at it.

Hats off to You!

Amy T. Ruth
Saint Charles, Il

Your at the right place at the right time dude; the Blackhawk’s Just Won the Stanley Cup For Real In Overtime and the score was 5-4 ?
ARE YOU FUCKIN KIDDING ME? Your image and comment is the 1st thing that comes up on Google when you look up Blackhawk’s Stanley Cup; needless to say your prophecy was right on perfect with the score and it being completed in overtime just as predicted? Now that’s great work!
Not that it matters but on Supertramp Breakfast in America--- Back, bottom right corner there is a 1" graphic of a jet airliner flying over New York City, in the foreground of the World Trade Centers.
Breakfast in America was released in 1979.I think the above mentioned irony is a more of an obscure incident while your prediction by analyses was just as impressive.
Let me be the first to say,,, Congratulation on Great Prognistication Work.

Douglas Sumner
Des Plaines - Illinois

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