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Alex Rodriguez solicited career advice from Katie Couric?

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Alex Rodriguez has certainly made some interesting choices lately.

First, he dealt with the media firestorm surrounding his positive test for performance-enhancing substances. Then, he let the cousin who allegedly injected him with said substances pick him and Nick Swisher up from a spring training game.

But, perhaps most strange his who he turned to for career advice: Katie Couric.
"On the "Late Show with David Letterman" Monday, Couric said she was speaking to Rodriguez frequently when he opted out of his contract in 2007, trying to convince him to do a "60 Minutes" interview.

At one point, Rodriguez called to ask her, "What team do you think I should play for?"

Katie Couric? Really? Was Connie Chung otherwise indisposed?

Would there be anything that comes out regarding A-Rod that surprises you at this point?

Couric: Rodriguez asked me for career advice     (Fox Sports)

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Gosh I thought the bigger story was the off color sexist joke she told about the "promised 8 to 10 inches from the weatherman"....I thought I would die hearing that come from her mouth. What a sleazebag masquerading as a "journalist". Even Letterman said, "that sound you just heard was Edward Murrow turning over in his grave".

What an idiot she sounded like last night.

little alex always looks at life optimistically. to her the syringe is always half full. his central american cousin, angel presinal has a name that might seem strange to people of this country. i googled his last name, 'presinal' and it translates to the word 'dust'. with his close alliance to the pharaceutical cabal of his homeland is it any wonder that that would be his illegal name? for those less literate, his name is angel dust.

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