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Wrestling legend Verne Gagne suspected in nursing home roommate's death

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Wrestling legend Verne Gagne is a suspect in the death of his Minnesota nursing home roommate.


"Police believe that Verne Gagne may have contributed to the January death of Helmut R. Gutmann, who lived with him in the Bloomington living facility, Friendship Village. Gagne and 97-year-old Gutmann, who both suffer from Alzheimer's-related dementia, allegedly got into a fight on Jan. 26 that led to Gutmann's death.

"Gutmann suffered a broken leg and a head injury in the fight. He was hospitalized, then released, but then was re-hospitalized due to complications. Four days ago, Gutmann died."

Gagne, who was drafted by the Chicago Bears in 1947, was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006.

Gutmann also lived a pretty amazing life.


"Born in Germany in 1911, he fled Nazi Germany under threat from the Hitler regime, serving as a captain in the U.S. Army's Chemical Warfare Service in World War II. For 40 years, he worked as a cancer research scientist based at the Minneapolis V.A. Hospital, publishing many papers. He retired in 1992, when he was already in his 80s. Gutmann was also a classical musician, playing violin for 12 years with the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra."

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All old folks should be body slammed.

All people named Bob absolutely should be body slammed, no doubt about it, especially the Bob who made this really stupid comment.

Verne was known for his "sleeper" hold.

Any relation to James Guttman?

Damn thats sad. As the reporter drone said Gagne can be in now held culpable for his actions due to the dementia. I have lived with a relative suffering from dementia and never ever saw that get angry or aggressive perhaps Guttman did something to instigate this? I am not saying he deserved this in anyway but perhaps there is more to this story than the oh so reputable Fox News is reporting.



People in the US aged 65 or older = Estimating roughly 40 million.

Men named "Bob" in the US = I'm going to guess significantly less.

I am thinking you are a slacker. Let's step it up a bit.

Hey Vince, Verne might still be available for wrestlemania

It is most discouraging to have learned of the latest news pertinent to a long time hero of the sport of professional wrestling, former 10-time AWA World champion Verne Gagne. The legend from Minnesota, is one of the reason I still view nostalgic re-runs of wrestling in its Golden Era. I find that today's wrestling exhibitions are rather violent and a terrible lampoon if you will of real legends such as Gagne. This hall of famer in both Canada and America-more times over should receive clemency for his actions. I'm not certain that his past success and failure as a wrestling trainner and promoter, or as a very accomplished wrestler in his own right, would contribute to this incident. Although known to be very aggressive in his defence of the AWA, as he should be, seeing he established it from the ground up and kept it running for nearly 40 years and producing 93 of the most influential names of wreslting, I'm still not convinced that he vindictively attempted to kill a man. Nevertheless, my condolences to the Gutmann family during this time of bereavement.

I read his memory sustainability is around 1 minute, they both have dementia. He made an entire life off depicting violence... I dont think Verne or Guttman is to blame, but someone is?

Now that Verne is out of his mind maybe Ed Sharkey can get AWA back on top again.

As a child growing up in Omaha, my Grandfather would take me to the basement of KETV building where we would watch such greats as Cowboy Bob Ellis, Tiger Joe Marsh and of course, the legendary Verne Gagne wrestle for supremecy on the canvass. Old habits are I'm sure hard to break, even when demensia has a submission hold on ytour already expiring life. God Love Verne Gagne, I know I do.

Looks like he put the ultimate sleeper hold on the guy.

Like the song says, in the movie "The Wrestler", "if you ever see a one trick pony, you've seen me." Old habits, are hard to break.

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