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Would you let Ernie Banks marry you? If so, Kevin and I are interested

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ernie-banks-marriage.jpgSo ladies, if you're not doing anything for the foreseeable future and you enjoy frequenting this here blog, Kevin and I have a proposition for you.

Let Ernie Banks officiate our marriage at Wrigley Field.

Seriously, he wants to do just that.

Our own Michael Sneed had this scoop in her Sunday column:

"Legendary Cubbie Ernie Banks was being very foxy loxy while huddling at Harry Caray's eatery last week with former White Sox slugger Ron Kittle, who has a license to marry people. The kicker: Banks wanted to know how to get certified -- so he could perform wedding ceremonies at Wrigley Field!"

Between all of the Oscar coverage and Bartolo Colon photos, we missed it until now. But, better late than never.
Seriously, think about it. What could be more romantic than Mr. Cub bestowing the holiest of vows in baseball's most magical ballyard?

Interested parties should identify themselves in the comments section. And, Kevin would like to add, share your ideas on what the term "foxy loxy" means in this context.

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3 Comments good is the Sun-Times' health insurance plan?

Ernie, suit up. I'd be honored for you to marry me and my significant other. (Once I figure out who that is.) Do I still have to pay you a stipend? If so, we might need to work that out. I have a feeling that after setting up a Wrigley Field wedding, fitting in a budget for a retired Cubs shortstop turned first-baseman turned pastor might be pretty slim.

And foxy loxy definitely means being sly and devious while eating a bagel with cured salmon.

Did you guys ever follow up on this? I met Ernie Banks last fall and he ended up being the first person I told that I was going to propose to my now fiance. He talked about getting a license and offered to carry out the ceremony. It sounded like just about the greatest idea ever, but probably as realistic as having Michael Jordan set up the bachelor party. I was surprised to read about Banks looking into the license a few months later.

He might not remember me or our conversation, but just having met him for the first time was an honor and a pleasure. A true class act. This came up in a conversation recently and I was wondering if anyone has heard from Mr. Banks regarding this since then.

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