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Willie Parker on Bruce Springsteen: 'I never heard of him'

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theboss.jpgIf only this little gem had come to light in time to bring up as a talking point during the Super Bowl.

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Willie Parker admitted on the Best Damn Sports Show Podcast that he'd never heard of Bruce Springsteen before his halftime performance.


Now, Parker is 28 years-old and The Boss isn't wildly popular with the members of the Playstation generation, but not knowing who he is just seems ridiculous.
Here's an excerpt of the interview:

BDSSP: Are you a big Springsteen fan?

Willie: Um... I never heard of him.

BDSSP: Hang on a second. You had never heard of Bruce Springsteen up until the game?

Willie: I haven't man. It's probably sad, but I haven't.

BDSSP: How about "Born In The USA"? Have you ever heard that song?

Willie: I heard that song, but I didn't know until recently he sang that. See, I had to do a little research.
Fast Willie: Who's the Boss?     (Hugging Harold Reynolds)

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