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Who's going to win Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show?

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dogshow.jpgThose of you suffering cute dog withdrawal after watching the Puppy Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday can take solace in the knowledge that there will be more televised canine sports tonight.

The Westminster Kennel Club 133rd Annual Dog Show is taking place today and tomorrow at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The Hound, Terrier, Non-Sporting, and Herding group competition will be televised live Monday on USA Network from 8-9PM ET and continuing on CNBC from 9-11PM ET. The Sporting, Working, Toy, and Best In Show competition will be televised live Tuesday on USA Network from 8-11PM ET.

You're probably sitting there wondering, "For the love of all things holy, who, prey tell, is going to win Best in Show this go-around?"

Lucky for you, NBC Sports is on the beat.

"This year, John Avello, Las Vegas' famous Wizard of Odds, has ranked a Brussels Griffon at 10-1 to win the most coveted title in dogdom.

Avello has listed the following dog breeds as most likely to win.

  • Brussels Griffon: 10-1
  • Welsh Corgi (Pembroke): 12-1
  • Affenpinscher: 14-1
  • Sealyham Terrier: 15-1
  • Poodle (standard): 16-1
  • Scottish Terrier: 18-1
  • Giant Schnauzer: 20-1
  • Scottish Deerhound: 22-1
  • Harrier: 25-1
  • Bichons Frise: 28-1
Last year's winner was a beagle named Uno -- as if anyone could possibly forget.

Winning this competition enables a dog to live a life other mutts could only dream about while laying in the sun, sleeping 22 hours a day.

"As America's current top dog, Uno has really had a charmed year. He was on the Snoopy float during the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, and even went to the White House and played on the lawn with President and Mrs. Bush.

In the past year, the dog's public engagements have rivaled any grueling celebrity schedule. People lined up for eight hours in the hot California sun when the word got out that he was going to meet Snoopy, the world's other most famous beagle, at the Knott's Berry Farm theme park. Baseball enthusiasts cheered and roared their approval when he "threw" the first pitch at a Brewers-Reds game and again when the Cardinals played the Braves.

The passion. The intrigue. The grinding up medication in dog food so Fido will take it. The tennis-ball retrieval.

Can't wait to watch.

Also, if you're interested in running a live blog, feel free to contact us.

Brussels Griffon is favorite to win Best in Show     (NBC Sports)

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