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What is the best Midway Games, Inc. release ever?

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The news of Midway Games, Inc. filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection got us debating just which title is the best video or arcade game the company produced.

"Mortal Komabt" is perhaps the most well-known offering. The goal there is to physically vanquish your opponent using a series of kicks, punches and devastating trick moves. The game predictably acheived great popularity because, let's face it, ripping someone's spine out is about the coolest thing in the world to most 13-year-old boys.

But, after perusing a list of games released by Midway, "Mortal Kombat" has some serious competition.
The "NBA Jam" series to this day remains my favorite basketball game. It pitted users against each other in a fast-paced, 2-on-2 jamboree of unbelievable slam dunks and three-pointers. It also spawned such pop culture staples as "He's heating up" and "Boomshockalacka!" If anyone out there still has this game and wants to have the hurt put on them by the Charlotte Hornets, please contact me.

Anyone who attended a movie in the early 1990s will remember seeing such sitdown arcade offerings as "Crus'n USA." This racing game put you out on the virtual streets while your friend held your box of Milk Duds. From what I recall the graphics were pretty cutting edge for the time.

Lastly, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the most ridiculous and addictive football game of all time, "NFL Blitz." This was what the XFL was supposed to be: bone-crushing hits, Hail Mary passes, ridiculous trick plays and 80-yard field goals.

Obviously, I only liked sports games so I'm sure there are plenty of titles I'm missing. Tell us which games are your favorites.

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