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Trevor Hoffman supports the newspaper industry, thanks San Diego-ites?...San Diegoans

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hoffman-thank-you.jpgSay what you want about the rapid demise of newspapers in this country, but they're still the best medium for an aging relief pitcher to express his gratitude to his loyal fans. So, yeah ... we've got that going for us.

Former San Diego Padre great Trevor Hoffman took out a full-page ad in Sunday's San Diego Union-Tribune to thank the city for supporting him during the last 16 years.
""As I sat down and put pen to paper thinking about the best way to express my gratitude to the many people whom have had a profound effect on my time here in San Diego, a recurring theme kept coming up, just say THANKS!!  Thanks go out to my family, friends, teammates, managers, coaches, trainers, clubhouse personnel, medical staff, front office, members of the media, Qualcomm & Petco employees, and to you the fans young and old, it is all of you who gave this game life. We've experienced extreme highs and lows; it is what makes the risk worth the rewards.  Thank you for the 16 seasons to represent San Diego both on and off the field.  My family and I will cherish the memories. Thanks, Hoffy."
The feelings of good will are exponentially intensified by the Hoffman family photo that supplements the message, which is replete with an adorable dog.

Hoffy Says "See-ya" in Full Page Ad    (NBC San Diego)

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