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Travis Henry denied reductions in child support payments

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travis-henry-child-support.jpgA Georgia judge has ruled against a temporary cut in the amount of child support former NFL bad boy Travis Henry pays to a woman who birthed one of his nine kids.

Henry's nine children all have different mothers. His attorney had argued he couldn't afford the payments because he was no longer earning a paycheck and is in danger of going to prison on federal drug charges.
The monthly amount in question is $3,000 and the lawyer for the child's mother repeatedly inquired about Henry's spending habits.

"Wellon spent two hours grilling Henry on his spending habits. The lawyer repeatedly questioned Henry about why he made multiple cash withdrawals of up to $70,000 after he lost his job with the Broncos. Henry refused to answer. "All those big withdrawals have to do with my [criminal] case," Henry said.
Ex-NFL player gets no break on child support    (AJC)

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He should not have had nine kids by nine different woman. His child support should not be lowered. He should be made to take care of all nine of those kids.

Travis Henry has 11 children not 9 the court system has a lot of catching up to do

Daddy when you be home???

someone hook him up with octo-mom! they are perfect for each other! i smell reality show!

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