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Rihanna beating photo reveals the grim face of domestic violence

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For nearly two weeks, news of a severe beating suffered by singer Rihanna, allegedly at the hands of boyfriend, R&B singer Chris Brown, and rumors of the incident's severity have percolated in the headlines.

On Thursday night, a photo posted by gossip Web site put a face and photographic proof to the brutality suffered. The closeup image portrays a woman whose face is puffy with deep bruising, black eyes and apparent blood at the corner of her mouth.


The picture matches accounts from the Feb. 8 -- the day of the Grammy awards, where Rihanna and Brown were scheduled to perform, but cancelled at the last minute.

Brown, 19, was arrested on suspicion of making criminal threats. 

Twenty-one-year-old Rihanna has yet to be officially identified as Brown's alleged victim. Reports from that night tell only of an unidentified woman "visibly injured" when police responded to a 911 call in the Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Brown issued an apology and said he would seek counseling, stating he was "sorry and saddened ... over what transpired," Brown did not declare any remorse or give any details about the couple's Feb. 8 confrontation.

But the Sun-Times' Bill Zwecker has reported that Rihanna's family in her native Barbados, where the singer is recovering, is not having accepting of the statement.

The singer told a longtime friend she was ''appalled'' by the comments Brown made in that statement.

''All of us, including Rihanna, don't understand how he can say he's sorry on the one hand, but still ... does not admit any guilt,'' said the source, adding, "He should have expressed more contrition."

The Los Angeles District Attorney is expected to review the case before Brown's March 5 court date and make a decision on formal charges.

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Chris Brown u a punk. I hope sum boys come back and jump you and beat you worse then u did rihanna. U shud have neva done this. I hate you now!

Rihanna you are a very beautiful young lady. Chris a real man never put his hands on a lady no matter what the situation was. There's just no excuse for this foul behavior. Rihanna baby girl know that you can do better, and real love don't hurt.

It is bad enough that TMZ posted the picture. Does it need to be spread around? I understand the draw of celebrity gossip, I really do. But this is not entertainment. This is a photo of a young assault victim that was released without her consent.

It's not about gossip, Brandy. It's about removing the stigma of domestic violence. It can and does cross all racial, cultural and socio-economic lines. It happens to young people. It happens to beautiful people. It can happen to ANYONE. That also means that if anyone can be a victim, anyone can be an abuser. No one is immune because of status or money. If nothing else comes of this, I hope that the graphic nature of the images will stop people from trying to defend what he did. Any violence is unacceptable, but for some people it needs to be severe before they are willing to call a spade a spade. I've heard people try and down play this from the minute the story broke. Well, now we have the actual image. Who in their right mind could say this wasn't a horrific assault? As far as the image being released, this image is Chris Brown's shame, not Rhianna's. She has nothing to ashamed of. The truth is the truth. And that BOY needs to be held accountable for his actions.

I believe no man should ever put his hand on a woman for no reason and no woman should ever put her hands on a man, everyone should respect one another they both chosed to be in a relationship with one another so whatever happened between them is their business the should've sat down and talked about it like two adults.

You all are making assumptions and you don't even know the truth. The media can tell you anything and you'll believe it! You have no ideal whether the photo was altered, or if this is infact the real deal (picture). Just get the facts before you start an unjust condemnation.

The saddest thing about this is when they asked Top Celebrities there take on this they had to hear both sides "What A Cop Out" and a poor excuse for human beings! There is no other side when someone looks like this from the abuse of a Man to a Woman! I'm sorry but there a sad bunch of people I was glad the girl went home to her family!

Man or Woman everyone needs to start keeping there hands to them self's!

Nadine I don't agree with you about the pictures being posted. I agree with Brandy...who in the world wants pictures posted of their face all beat up??? The gossip world could have used their imaginations...and isn't this a clean cut violation of patient confidentality? Even the faces of those who are victims of battlefield injuries are considered confidential unless permission from the victims themselves is granted. It's one thing to live with the mental image of this event but to be able to type it in Google images and have actual pictures posted should be an embarrassment and disgrace to the people responsible for releasing the photo to the press and to press for posting it. I don't think that there were doubt in anyone's mind that the crime was actually committed. Just from reading portions on the police report proved that!

But I do agree that Chris should be held accountable for his actions. The entire world didn't have to see the pictures...the judge/judicial system's viewing would have sufficed.

She probably deserved it, and likes that kind of behavior.
They are always refered to as the "victim" but they never leave the relationship. im tired of hearing all this nonsense about her, this happens a million times a day in this country and since its her it happened all of a sudden its in the news

I do understand that they shouldn’t have posted the picture without her consent but in away I’m glad cause people can see the EVIL that is in him and have absolutely no pitty on him.. I’m sorry she had to experience this… Wish her nothing but the best!! I’m glad she is surrounded by family and friends that love her… He will get what he deserves!!!

I agree with Brandy. It's bad enough that she has to go through such an ordeal in the public eye, but let's have a little class Suntimes and not resort to exploitating someone's pain for profit. I think this picture should be taken down. If people want to look, lethem go to another website.

all i wanna know is this true and i wouldda kept the charges on him cause he should'nt be hitting no lady

The media has helped to sensationalize this very personal matter between Chris Brown and Rihanna, and I am so weary of the media exploiting the sadness of this story—sad for both of these young people--to boost their readership ratings. I am far from being a supporter of Chris Brown; in fact I am old enough to be his grandmother. Nevertheless, he deserves the right to seek the appropriate counseling needed to address his relationship issues with women, pay the appropriate penalty for his behavior, and move on with his career and his life. He does not deserve to be punished through the media or by popular public opinion, or forced from his young career any more many of the public figures that we know about who have committed unspeakable, unacceptable personal acts in public and have been forgiven by fickle fans! Leave them both the hell alone and let them heal physically and emotionally as need be!

dis iz AwFuL yall. rihanna u my gurl. stay strong boo.

This is for Joey:

You sound like a bully, girfriend/wife beater. What do you mean she deserved it? What kind of person are you? On the surface it appears easy to leave, but, how many times a victim has left, only to be killed anyway? Clear the debris that is clouding your brainless head.

I am hoping that "Joey" is not a woman, because this attitude is what hurts women in the first place.

that is not rhianna if you look at the tattoo on the shoulder that you can see in the picture you can tell and who ever post this picture is causing problems you gus need a life and need to let the situation be settled between chris brown and her with putting up stuff like this

Looks bad - if it's the real photo and not doctored-up. I really do not trust TNZ so much.
I wonder just how they got that information (picture) TMZ probably paid big-time for it.

that is not rhianna if you look at the tattoo on the shoulder that you can see in the picture you can tell and who ever post this picture is causing problems you gus need a life and need to let the situation be settled between chris brown and her. people need to stay out of it and stop putting up stuff like this

OMG joey your comment was out of line...sounds like your an abuser yourself.

Looks real bad - if it's the real photo of the girl. Sometimes they can doctored-up the photo. I really do not trust TMZ that much. How did they get that picture. They had to pay big-time to someone.

I agree with Nadine. This is not her shame it's his. I can only hope that Rihanna can use this terrible incident to help women accross the world by shedding light on abuse.

OH yes it,s a shame about what have happen here.But whats mostly the shame is people who love gossip and bad news to feed off of . this young lady has feeling . to put those bruies in the news paper or even magines like that is crazy just to say i got the leak first .oh truely how did you get,em when the authroity had them .+what ever person or persons give up that kind oF information should be in great trouble real talk if not than the law is a lie .
kind of make one wonder is that how drugs get back out on the streets after a bust OH NO THE AUTHORITY HAS IT PLEASE!

If this was not a story about two very successful, wealthy African American artists and domestic violence, would it be splashed all over the front pages of local and national newspapers and the web as if it is the unspoken but familiar saga of another O J Simpson, except that this one is name Chris Brown?!!!! I do not think so! The white establishment would be too busy "circling the wagon" to protect the pristine image of one of their own in an attempt to soften the guilt they might feel in knowing that one of their own is just as capable as any out of control person to commit such an alleged unacceptable act against another person in a fit of impetuous rage. Leave these two young people alone. Let the two of them and the wheels of justice work this matter out.

O...Knock it off!!!!
you totally proven my point.... They can never full get a way because they go back to these loosers and get beat some more. or even worse they never follow up on there court dates and it gets thrown out everytime.

Lets see if she goes to court or has even filed any criminal action against this idiot. i dont think she has of yet.. so let me ask you.....WHO'S FAULT IS THAT??????????

Didn't any of you go to journalism school? When did it become OK to publish a photo of ANY domestic violence victim withouth their permission?


The event was drama and it should have never happened. Chris Brown should have walked away instead of getting into an altercation. He and Rihanna did not go to the event anyway and now they are not communication which I do not blame her. Because I am a man, I understand verbal afronts but cannot condone some verbal afronts and never ever a physical afront. Simply put Brown was wrong period and that's the issue. Rihanna needs to ditch him and never return!!!

Joey: you're an idiot, and probably an abuser as well. Shut up. Anonymous: this IS Rihanna, as indicated by the tattoo on her shoulder. If you did your homework, or had the tiniest bit of intelligence, you'd know this tat is the date of her best friend's birthday.

Well Chris you made the right decision....I rather be Chris Brown than Lionel Richie any day...I will take that orange jump suit stroll to court any day without a doubt...

Everyone look up the definition of abuse....Chris Brown was a victim as well....If Rhianna had got the upper hand would Chris have the same emotional/court support...No he would be a running joke....All i know it takes 2....She lost....And like most aggressive people who start the problem and get whooped run to police....Playing the victim roll....

Why do you guys write about shit on the internet? Get a life and help save our world you lazy confused bums.

Kyle responds:We'll follow your example and help save it one well-thought out, vengeful comment at a time.

it sounds like, leading up to the Grammys, there was growing tension between Chris Brown and Rihanna that led to this happening; still no excuse

Pictures always get leaked. That's the media for you. So I really don't know what the big deal is here. Once you are a celebrity, you have to learn to accept that you business is going to be known and seen world wide, that's a part of the package.
Consent my behind!! We all know that Rihanna would of never agreed for these pics to be published.
Rihanna and Chris' incident is a lesson for all abusive relationships. When a man puts his hands on you, let it be known.
I don't care what led to him abusing her...NO EXCUSES!!!
Now, the most important part here is if she will follow through with the charges. She better. Because then this incident will not be a good example.
If she decides to go back to him, and not proceed in this case, then it is obvious that it is not the first time that this has happened to her, and like most women in abusive relationships...they know nothing about love.
Once an abuser, always an abuser.
There is alot of truth in what Joey is saying. I don't believe that she deserves what was done to her though.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

i agree with joey, i think that rihanna deserved it shes stupid, i just hope chris brown dosent get charges

i dont think we should be too hard coz ,i mean lets all be realistic if someone did something as horrible as that wouldnt we all do the same thing or something close to that?i support chris brown 100%.she should have told him she was sick and maybe they could have worked something out.

If you hang out with a thug, you get beating, don't get killed or cut in the throat next time. Good luck

Rihanna needs to sit down and have a talk with Tina Turner about why she shouldn't go back to a man who professes to love someone and beats them like that..

all of yall except joey n anahi r wrong yall are some stupid people why do yall think rihanna is so innocent???? she just a hoe like any other girl

Coward, Thats all I gotta say about that punk chris brown. Im Disgusted with this so called man. If he's got anger problems then he needs to be a man and put some gloves on with somebody his own status but then again he wont and thats why he's a coward. I hope they lock him up for a good deal of time and maybe someone will flip the script on him and give him a taste of his own medicine in the can.

What a punk. He goes to court Wednesday this week. I hope they lock his sorry butt up. I hate women bashers. What a f**king coward!

its so sad.

its really sad.

WOW cris i worshiped u now i spittttttttt on uu i hate u for wat chu did

WOW cris i worshiped u now i spittttttttt on uu i hate u for wat chu did

some women need to feel it before to understand it i guess

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