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The Yankees would like A-Rod to leave his cousin Yuri at home

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Thumbnail image for arod-selena-roberts.jpgAlex Rodriguez' decision to hitch a ride with Yuri Sucrat, the cousin A-Rod said injected him with steroids, after the Yankees' spring training game Wednesday raised a few eyebrows. After all, it certainly didn't seem like the best thing to do when you're trying to subdue a media circus in which you're starring.

And it looks like the Yankees agree.

The New York Post is reporting the team has told Rodriguez to keep his cousin away.
"As for Sucart, Rodriguez was told by the Yankees to keep him away. And, according to a source, Rodriguez agreed he made a mistake by allowing Sucart to pick up him and Nick Swisher after Wednesday's game.

"It was addressed and no further comment," Rodriguez said.

GM Brian Cashman said, "It's been handled."

While it's nice to see former White Sox utility man Nick Swisher is making new friends, you wonder if he thought twice about hopping in with Sucart and big No. 13.

In a related note, it's important to point out that it's spring training for the hecklers as well.

"Rodriguez heard a mixture of boos and cheers in his first at-bat in the second when he fanned. In the fourth when he banged into a double play, it was mostly applause. However, a heckler behind the plate shouted, "You forgot your vitamins!"



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