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The Michigan-Ohio State rivalry fueled by -- what else -- alcohol

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osu-makers-mark.jpgGrowing up in Michigan, I can tell you that the typical discourse between a Wolverines supporter and an Ohio State Buckeye fan is usually some of the nastiest stuff you've ever heard.

Simply put, the maize and blue guys hate the scarlet gray guys and vice versa. And judging by the insults levied back and forth, both fan bases come from mothers of questionable repute.

So, what can be done to raise the dialog between these two warring factions?

Why, introduce a giant ad for whiskey making fun of the other.
An obscenely large billboard is now residing on a Columbus-area building (that's literally as specific as I can pin down) encouraging Buckeye fans to raise their booze-soaked glasses to that hated team to the north and their recent struggles.

The ad reads:

"Here's to football season.

Especially Michigan's"
It's obviously intended to be a burn against the Wolverines who went 3-9 under first-year coach Rich Rodriguez in 2008, but I just don't fully understand what the dig is.

Is it implying the only way to suffer the indignation of being a Michigan is to drown your sorrows in delicious whiskey every evening before looking longingly at a framed picture of Bo Schembechler? Is implying Buckeye fans' greatest happiness in life is rounds of shots raised in celebration of UM's misery? Both?

Any Michigan fans riled up by this? Anyone even think it's funny?

Please, intelligent discourse only in the comments.

Need a whiskey to boycott?     (MGoBlog)

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It's obviously "congratulating" Mich on their pitiful year and wishing them many more. They're twisting the usual congratulatory toast for a positive achievement and poking fun of that team up north's season, something all Buckeye fans would gladly raise a glass to. Perhaps if it were written in crayon and at a 1st grade reading level the Mich fans would understand. (I'm only kidding...but not really)

As a Michigan alum, I actually did find it somewhat humorous. A 3-9 season was a bit miserable and has driven a number mich fans (including myself) to the bottle out of desperation. If only we'd managed to hold onto Ryan Mallet... But does BuckeyeMike really want to compare education at OSU vs. Michigan? Let's be reasonable...

There's no doubt that over the last several seasons, OSU has been a better team than Michigan. That 42-39 shootout in Columbus in 2006 was a great game. Within a few years, the games should become more competitive again due to the resurgence of Michigan. OSU fans, enjoy it while it lasts, just as Michigan fans did from 1985-2000 (Michigan was 12-3-1 against OSU). Regardless of your allegiance, and regardless of the outcome of the head-to-head matchups, let's all focus on an even more important thing: crushing opponents from other conferences in bowl games! Force the rest of the country to respect the Big 10, and raise your glass when Lee Corso is forced to show us some respect.

buckeye mike, did you really say that? LOL maybe if it was written in crayon the Michigan fans would understand. Really? That's possible the dumbest thing ive ever heard. Come on, you can insult us but be truthful about it

Brad, it's true (what you're thinking)! I was born and raised in Michigan, and darn proud of it. When I was forced to move here, I was already a year ahead of my classmates (7th grade)! What's more, the schools here cannot even COMPARE to the schools in Michigan, with regard to both education, and excellent facilities! I live in Columbus and have seen the sign. I do find it humorous as well. All's fair...they say! Let them have their pride...for now. GO BLUE!

I saw the sign last weekend when my wife and I endured a weekend in C'bus to see a concert. It reminded me of Sparty and their billboards they raised when they beat Michigan this past season and acted as if they had just won the freaking national championship?! As big 10 guy noted, these things go in cycles! Enjoy this while it lasts bucknuts, because Rodriguez WILL have Michigan back to elite status sooner than later!

And speaking of reading levels, shouldn't they have made the sign a video message? Because we all know that there isn't a reading level bucknuts can comprehend because they can't read... PERIOD!!!

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