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The good people of Grand Rapids have Jessica Simpson's back

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grap.jpgThere are few times when I regret moving from Grand Rapids, Mich. to Chicago, but I must admit that after reading about the outrageous Jessica Simpson concert that took place there last night, this is one of those times.

The 28-year-old blond bombshell? singer was visually shaken in front of the crowd, talking about how vulnerable she felt and how difficult it was to be on stage.

Simpson's beau and NFL regular-season enthusiast Tony Romo apparently missed his flight to the show, and MLive says the singer appeared to leave the stage in tears after the final song.
""My voice is weak tonight," she said, tearfully, "and I feel so vulnerable onstage." Problems plagued the performance, as Simpson had issues with her ear piece, her voice, and just holding it together emotionally. "Sorry," she mouthed to the crowd, as she lost her place in a song.

At one point during the show, the 28-year-old had her band restart a song after several bars; at another, Simpson admitted she wished she could "walk off the stage," but gamely persevered until the end, giving props to her band. "They had my back the whole time," she said.

It appeared that the singer left the stage in tears after her final song, professing her love for the encouraging crowd.

But Grand Rapidians are nothing if not kind to a fault. They evidently encouraged the recently maligned Simpson, shouting such encouraging things as, "You go girl!" while waiting for headliner Rascal Flatts.

It's the same kind of Midwestern charm you'll get if you ask a stranger to pass the salt at the Choo Choo Grill.

Simpson has been under the spotlight after pictures suggesting she'd put on weight surfaced last week. The good people of Gerald Ford's hometown, however, say she looks just fine.

"Fans who saw the singer up close at the meet and greet before the show were also mystified by widespread reports that the once svelte star had packed on the pounds. "She didn't look anything like those pictures," said Dave Taft, B-93 music director, referring to the recent photos run of Simpson looking slightly heavier. "She looks incredible."

Fans offer Simpson support throughout struggling Grand Rapids performance  (MLive)

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LEAVE JESSICA ALONE!!!!! (seriously, TV 8 was all over the story stopping just short of issueing a breaking news alert.)

Kyle responds: Ohhhh, juicy. Who was on the news desk?

Oh that would be Helen Thomas' niece Suzzanne.

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