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Texas teen the real Guitar Hero, racks up 890,791 points

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kosterGH.jpgThe author fails miserably in his attempt to break the world record of Guitar Hero points.

You're probably familiar with the Guitar Hero series by now. The video game demands you shred along with some of rock's hardest licks in time to accumulate points and prestige.

It's wildly, wildly addictive. In fact, it inspired me to buy a Playstation 2 and the release on a whim and then proceed to play for an unprecedented 14 hours, neglecting sleep, work and social engagements.

Over the past few years, I've been privy to some pretty heavy shredding by Guitar Hero experts, but all seem pretty pathetic next to the efforts of 14-year-old Danny Johnson. The Texas teen recently set a world record for most points by racking up 890,971.
But Johnson isn't just your average gamer. He also has a ton of real-world musical talent.

Good work, kid. We all feel miserably inadequate now.

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1 Comment

Hamburglar is my guitar hero.

Kyle responds: You really want induction the Commenter Hall of Fame, don't you?

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