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Super Bowl porn update: FBI is on the case

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The FBI is planning to shift some of its resources to the case of the person (or persons) who cut into the Tuscon, Arizona broadcast of this year's Super Bowl with 30 seconds of porn.
From the Arizona Daily Star:

"Comcast is turning to the FBI to help determine how pornography interrupted its feed of the Super Bowl earlier this month.

"We have shared all of our information on this situation with the FBI and will continue to provide our full cooperation to them throughout their investigation," company spokeswoman Kelle Maslyn said in a statement e-mailed to the Star.

In an unfortunate use of the verb "to impact," the Daily Star continues:

"The interruption prompted Comcast to offer a $10 discount to any customer who was impacted by the incident."

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1 Comment

This just proves:

Music mashups: Fun.
Video mashups: Trouble.

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