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Subway accepts Michael Phelps' apology, wants him to make them some bread

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subwayphelps.jpgIt's been a pretty rough week for former American golden boy Michael Phelps. Photographic evidenced that seemed to show him enjoying the business end of a bong surfaced, he apologized, was punished and began to see his endorsement dollars dissipate.

But all is not lost for Mr. Phelps. Sandwich juggernaut Subway has announced they're sticking by the swimming star.
"Like most Americans, and like Michael Phelps himself, we were disappointed in his behavior," Subway, which specializes in sandwiches, said in a statement.

"Also like most Americans, we accept his apology. Moving forward, he remains in our plans."

In an article posted on website, the industry journal cited "executives close to the matter" as saying a campaign featuring Phelps and slated for early 2009 would be delayed.

I think I speak for all of us that the campaign can't come soon enough. That "Five-Dollar Footlong" jingle is so played, and yet capable of getting stuck in the viewers head every single time it airs.

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That was a good move for Subway.

Smart move Subway.  I urge all to boycott Kellogs products in response to their foolish behavior.  Also have no interest in hearing from any more parents asking what to tell their 4 year olds.....tell them what Phelps is for adults just like the alcohol they see you drink but are not allowed to partake in. 

When I first saw part of the headline, I was half expecting/hoping that Subway was asking Phelps to make a signature sandwich!! I'm thinking that would have been a very positive response to this hoard of one-sided media criticism; not to mention a GREAT sub!

Kyle responds: Wow. What would that sandwich even taste like/entail? I want to see your mock-up.


Isn't it time we, as a country, learned from our past mistakes?

The "war on drugs" is causing far more harm than good.

Prohibition has already been proven a failed policy. Why do we continue to pursue this expensive and destructive farce?

Please visit and see what your law enforcement officials are learning first-hand.
Prison is now a multi-billion dollar INDUSTRY in the U.S. thanks to destructive and ultimately unsuccessful drug laws.
There really is a better way.
Read, Watch, Learn.

What is next? 4.20 dolla foot longs?
25 dolla Five Foot Bong!

Seriously, they should make a Mondo Bongo sandwich, they'd rake a fortune. Mongo like candy!

Heck, contact Hanna-Barbera...Phelps can rip bong hits with Scooby-Doo & Shaggy too, and they can introduce him to their piled sky-high sandwiches :)

I have already pulled ALL the Kelloggs products from my kitchen, it is nice to see a company, SUBWAY, that is in tune with the realities of the current times we live in. Go Subway, you will continue to have my business. Post will enjoy my cereal business from now on.

Come on people wake up and smell the kush! Michael is now a proud member of The Stoner Army!! Rockin out to the best band in the world...Marijauna the Band!!! Everyone wake up...canibus can be made into methanol helping to end our need for foreign oil! And it doesnt hurt the environment! Bongtv

People have made all their Remarks,So lets not running something down to the Ground.Phelps regrets and apologized to the mistake he made.He is still a great Man.

I think Michael Phelps is a disgrace. Sure, he made a mistake. So did all those Miss Americas and they didn't get second chances. If Michael Phelps was a woman, he would be the most hated person alive. He can get away with partying and doing pot, but he shouldn't. He should be ashamed because he let everyone down.

Isabella........Tara Conner kept her crown after being caught drinking and drugging...2006

Thank you Subway! It is great that you haven't lost your heads over this whole thing. I am so glad to hear you will continue to have a relationship with Michael Phelps. He made a mistake and has apologized, let's move on. Thank you Subway for standing by him.

I fully support Kellogs and wish that Subway had also made a stand! Mr. Phelps is truly a gifted athlete but he also needs to be held accountable for his poor decisions. An apology is a great start but last time I checked smoking pot is illegal. Let's not just call it all good and go on. He signed morality clauses when he accepted these endorsements. Is he truly sorry for his actions- OR SORRY HE GOT CAUGHT!

Subway had no choice but to accept his apology. Think of all their stoner customers who enjoy a twelve-inch after a doobie. They would have walked away in disgust. The loss of revenue would have been staggering. In these tough economic times it was a good business decision.

Michael Phelps made an error in apologizing. He should have maintained that he is hardly different from a large majority who are his age. He should have noted that he joined a group as diverse as Newt Gingrich, Clarence Thomas, Al Gore, Barack Obama, the lying Bill Clinton and Mick Jagger. This could have provided an opportunity to have a sane discussion on enacting a meaningful policy on soft drugs like marajuana.

Good move subway! Im going to buy a sub today just because of this :D

im also boycotting kellogs, dirty smelly conservative capitalist prohibitionists!

Thank you Subway for being reasonable. Michael Phelps is an American Olympic hero. I will go out of my way to patronize Subway restaurants

Phelps can't drive anymore, so he had to get a bus pass.

Now he rides the Yes We Can-na-BUS!

...Makes sense, since Subway would be out of business if it weren't for marijuana...

There is no reason for Subway to support Michael. Subway pushes for a HEALTHY brand image, not exactly the brand image where people who just got done rolling doobies need to go to grab their munchies. Poor marketing decision Subway!

I recieved a Subway email offer yesterday. I was more than surprised to see Michael Phelps featured. Subway can do as they please, and so can I. I have unsubscribed to the Subway emails and see no point in buying anything there. Sorry Subway, bad move. "Just Say No"

I still patronize Subway and the Kelloggs boycott continues.

Anybody who has a problem with weed doesn't have a clue what it is and just trying to be "better-than-thou" at someone elses expense. Subway will continue to receive my business even though Michael Phelps didn't owe ANYBODY an apology. If he can smoke it and win more gold medals than anyone in HISTORY the most he should have to worry about is pot being labeled as a performance-enhancing drug. Kellogs is history in my household.

and Walter Brown, like Tiger,I guess if anyone can still have sex with multiple mates while married and win Golf tournaments so be it..makes sense..NOT!!!..that is very encouraging to all the kids all over the world..come on stoner, put down the pipe and look at the big are not setting an example doing drugs or cheating on your mate you knucklehead..Use some of the few brain cells you have left and get a reality check..Michael was wrong like Tiger..Now I am a married man, and don't get me wrong I like checking out the menu, but have never ordered from it..These guys have to remember they are in the media 24/7..monitored constantly, so they should know better..but they don't, but you can't excuse it as if it never happened..You can forgive, but you never forget..

We have to realize that well our society is taught to look disdainfully on drug abuse, it is something most men and women Phelp's age do, unfortunately, Phelp's is surrounded by scum bags and opportunists who take advantage of him. Many kids do drugs, and Michael Phelps gets in trouble because he is a celebrity and sports star. Sure, he should be trying to set an example, but when he does act like a 20 year old, he ends up getting victimized by the media. Ask yourself, what is he going to do but apologize, and how much pressure he is under every single day now to maintain some standard

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