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Much ado about Sterling Sharpe's college football jersey

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If Steve Spurrier allows someone to wear No. 2 at South Carolina next year, Shannon Sharpe's "guts will definitely be ripped out," the former Gamecock great told radio station WNKT-FM 107.5.

Spurrier apparently asked Sharpe twice if he could have his blessing in un-retiring the former Green Bay Packer's number so he could give it to incoming receiver Alshon Jeffery. reports, "After choosing the Gamecocks over Southern Cal on Wednesday, Jeffery said Spurrier told him he could keep the No. 2 he wore at Calhoun County. Duane Wages, the Saints' offensive coordinator, said Sharpe has signed off on the idea. That is not the case."

Sharpe's not the only South Carolina alum that Spurrier is asking to make some sacrifices for the greater good.

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"Spurrier also has approached George Rogers, who won the school's lone Heisman Trophy in 1980, about using his No. 38 again.

"When he asked me, I was like, 'Coach, whatever you want to do,' " Rogers said. "But after hearing from some people, a lot of people don't like that idea -- a lot of people. It didn't make no mind for me."

South Carolina Wants Sterling Sharpe's Number Back [Fanhouse]

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1 Comment

No surprises here - S. Sharpe is a former Green Bay Packer!!! You just can't get any lower than that!

Linda S.

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