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Sports Pros(e) watches the Super Bowl XLIII

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sbdip.jpgIn a miraculous turn of fate, Kevin and I have a mutual day off that happens to fall on Super Bowl Sunday.

There's a copious amount spinach-based dip and a tremendous variety of hard alcohol on the counter -- as well as the NBC pregame on the HD television.

We're planning on chiming in with news, views and generally innocuous statements throughout the game.

  • We're a bit taken aback by the new lead singer of Journey, a development we each had absolutely no idea had even taken place. Apparently, his name is Arnel Pineda and he got the gig after the other Journey-men discovered him on YouTube. Only two hours until actual football.
  • Bob Costas is making no secret about the pregame hoopla being a little long. We appreciate his honesty.
  • Kevin was pretty hungry when he came over and even had a notion to travel back up to Wrigleyville to experience the new Taco Bell enchilada platter extravaganza -- going so far as to put the commercial on pause just to really make sure that Kyle had the ability to drink in the platter's gloriousness. Instead, Kyle suggested we get the party started early. We did so, breaking first into the spinach abrosia and then into the sprawling seven-layer dip (both of which are prominently featured in the above photo. Things are happening. Things. happening.

  • You're probably wondering what we're wearing on this day of days. We'll show you, but you have to promise not to laugh. These 90 seconds just highlight how uninteresting 43 hours of lead-in actually are.

  • The Barack Obama interview with Matt Lauer revealed that our new president wears the same gingham shirts as Big Ten Network's Mike Hall, that Lauer feels most comfortable with an extraneous pen in his hand and the White House is filled with rich mohagany.
  • It should be noted that nothing says football like a Yorkie-Maltese mix like the little nugget that's running around the apartment right now. We've promised to turn on the Puppy Bowl for her at halftime.


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