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South Carolina sheriff says there's not enough evidence to charge Phelps for pot photo

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Thumbnail image for phelpsbong.jpgIt would seem that we are one step closer to putting this whole Michael Phelps business behind us. The South Carolina sheriff who had seemed so gung-ho about prosecuting Phelps for his now infamous marijuana photo announced today that he doesn't have enough evidence to charge the swimming icon.
""He never said, 'I smoked marijuana.' He never confessed that," the sheriff said.
Well yeah. Add that to the fact that possessing a bong is not a crime and you don't have much of a case.

""They're sold in stores. We're kind of sending a double message," Lott said. "You can buy rolling papers at any convenience store in the world, but we're telling kids not to smoke dope."
Lott said that simply ignoring the photo would have sent a bad message to kids. But judging from the comments we've gotten since this story broke, the message it sent to the adult world was that Lott was attention-hungry.

Phelps has apologized, was disciplined by swimming's governing body and now appears that he won't face any legal trouble. So maybe, just maybe we can put this whole business behind us and move on to the next thing.

Sheriff: No charges for Phelps     (ESPN)

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