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Somebody get a helmet for this Super Bowl player

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It's hard to tell if Comcast will be the butt of many jokes in the Tuscon area after the local NBC station, KVOA, broadcast a few moments of full-frontal male nudity from a porno.

Ironically, the gentleman in the movie was scoring just seconds after the Cardinals' Larry Fitzgerald had gotten into the end zone himself in the fourth quarter to put Arizona ahead with about 3 minutes left.

Now, obviously there were plenty of hopping-mad viewers, though whether they were angrier over missing out on John Madden fumbling through the touchdown analysis or having this guy dropping trow remains to be seen.

Comcast, for their part, promises a full investigation.

No word on whether the actress was named "Heidi."

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Too funny. Love your comments Craig. Someone at Comcast was pissed having to work on superbowl night you think? Cross feed for 30 seconds for a publicity of the Jenna TV channel, how much is that worth on SuperBowl night, $3M ? :-) Heidi... ROFL.

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