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Shaquille O'Neal dances like no one is watching

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Say what you want about the actual game, Derrick Rose's performance in the skills competition, that stupid trophy Kevin Durant won in H-O-R-S-E or Kryptonate's slam dunks. The highlight of the NBA's All-Star weekend was Shaquille O'Neal's dance moves.

The future Hall of Famer and star of the unforgettable 1996 movie "Kazaam" treated the Phoenix crowd and millions of defensive-indifferent fans at home with this kinetic masterpiece.

There are probably so many thoughts racing around your mind after viewing that, but let's try to pull it together and discuss how we feel about what we just saw.

First off, you forget just how big O'Neal is until you put him next to normal-sized people. Seriously, he's very large. That's what makes his smooth moves even more impressive. Secondly, that was pretty awesome. It looked like he'd been practicing that from months (insert free throw joke here).

The Sun-Times' John Jackson was on hand for the performance and it sounds like he was pretty impressed. Then again, who wouldn't be?

The dance group he performed with is called the JabbaWockeeZ and they wear those white masks while breaking it down on stage. Unlike Shaq's very forgettable genie pants in the aforementioned "Kazaam," this was an amazing fashion choice.

In fact, I propose people start wearing more masks in social situations. That's not too creepy is it? Who's with me? Anyone?

Moving on...

Shaq's former teammate Kobe Bryant assessed the perfomance as if he were a grade school teacher.

"''On the dance floor, it was an 'A-plus,' '' Bryant said. ''That size moving and all that."
High praise for a guy whose relationship with O'Neal has been shaky at best. So do you agree with Kobe? What'd you think of Shaq's dance? And more importantly, where can I get one of those masks?

It's the Shaq show     (Sun-Times)

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haha yeah shaquille o'neals dance moves were pretty sweet i have to say it was enjoyable to watch

Whatever happened to accusations of racisim when wearing black or white masks? This is why white people have no respect for the black community. The black community will throw racists remarks toward white people portraying black people while finding it acceptable to make fun of white people. Shaquille and the rest of the dance group should be called out for this display of blatant racisim. No double standards should be allowed. Disgusting!

Kyle responds: Really? You honestly believe there is any sort of connectivity between the two examples? Shaq donning a white mask is in no way, shape or form offensive or racist, whereas minstrel shows lampooning African-Americans were.

Also when you say things like "This is why white people have no respect for the black community," you're assuming that everyone thinks the same way as you do. And, in this case, I'm proud that I and a vast majority of people do not.

MP...are you serious??? First of all...the mask that the JabbaWockeeZ don are theater mask...They are not emulating any race whatsoever. Secondly....not that it matters...the JabbaWockeeZ are not black...well with the exception of Kevin. The mask are meant to hide their identities and to make people view them as one unit instead of as individuals. It is all about art....racism plays no role here.

Do your research.

Mp doesn't make any sense. Shaq makes lots of sense:

Shaq is a fantastic entertainer. Mesmerizing, had my whole gym staring at the screens on Sunday.

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