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'Saturday Night Live' riffs on the Michael Phelps situation

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"Saturday Night Live," in their infinite wisdom, weighed in on the still-smoldering Michael Phelps story with a little segment that encourages Americans to be incredulous.

A couple things:

1. We miss Amy Poehler.
2. Wide-eyed cartoon characters with chronic cases of the munchies have to band together. It's just the way the world works.
3. Do you agree with Seth Meyer's last statement? Or are you okay with the intrepid party-goer selling the image to the highest bidder.
4. When will this story stop having traction. I mean, really. It's been over a week. Really.

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I think Seth Meyer's comments were right on target. There is no such thing as privacy anymore, in these days of the internet and tabloid press. Our country's marijuana laws are ludicrous and outdated, not to mention hypocritical. The remedy should be to redirect "drug war" dollars that are used to stem the marijuana flow, decriminalize or even legalize marijuana, then tax the heck out of it for a new source of revenue.

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