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Miami names stadium after Alex Rodriguez; A-Rod knows you aren't living in a cave under the ocean

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The University of Miami went ahead with their new stadium dedication Friday night, renaming their ballyard "Alex Rodriguez Park."

The recently embattled slugger donated $4 million to the renovation efforts and was on hand for the ceremony.

A-Rod addressed his recent troubles with the following quip:

""That doesn't mean I haven't made mistakes, and unless you've been in a cave under the ocean this last week, you know that I've made some," Rodriguez said. "There will be adversity along the way. But regardless of the challenges that lie ahead, move forward, address your errors and right your path."
Since all of this came to light, he seems to be doing and saying all the right things. Only time will tell if his owning up to his mistakes will do anything to curry the public's favor.

Stadium named after A-Rod; admits 'mistakes'    (NECN)

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it was cool of him to donate all that money at least

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