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Jay Mariotti calls Jerry Reinsdorf an idiot; What do you think?

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Thumbnail image for reinsdorf.jpgOur former colleague Jay Mariotti has some particularly harsh words for Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf today, calling him an idiot in so many words.

Now, it's no secret that Mariotti has taken some shots at Reinsdorf before. But he takes his shots a step further today, saying the Bulls may be the dumbest operation in sports.

" No? Since June of 1998, when Jordan pushed off Bryon Russell and flicked his shooting wrist with such finality that he struck a pose for eternity, the Bulls have won exactly one postseason series. They've lost 541 of 863 games, blown more high draft picks than I can count and struck out on the free-agent market, not surprising when early recruiting attempts involved sending the Luvabulls dance squad and mascot Benny the Bull -- the one who's always getting busted by the police -- to greet Tim Duncan at the airport. Four of their head coaches, including current novice Vinny Del Negro, have been undeniable flops, and the only good one, Scott Skiles, was fired when the players fessed up to quitting on him."
The Paxson situation remains up in the air, with the latest news forecasting him lasting until season's end at the longest. Our own Greg Couch writes that if Paxson wants out, it's time to show him the door.

So, the simple questions are these:
1. Do you see the Bulls as a laughingstock?
2. How do you see the Paxson ordeal playing out?

What Happened to Bulls? Their Owner Is an Idiot    (Fanhouse)

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call it like you see it! Jay I didn't think you still cared! it is gnawing at me that we get this successful owner who bumbles into the best luck in basketball and dooesn't even know it. What a moron. luxury tax!nice try idiot! would you take Gasol or Garrnet if the lottery dumped them on you? would you Jerry? Who knew that Jordan would slip to third in the draft and the Jerry's would become associated with greatness how unfair is life and how hated do you want to be remembered as the misers of midway. What an epitap.

Jay Mariotti has proven time and time again to me that he's an idiot who's opinion should never been taken seriously. He's also a vain idiot with the second worst haircut in the state, 2nd only to Blago.

I'm mystified that anyone actually gives the jerk a paycheck. I stopped reading him years ago.

I think I should still hold it against you guys that you employed him. It still reflects on you.

It's hard for me to understand calling Reinsdorf an idiot. I think that's over-the-top. Mariotti, however, has continually appeared the fool, if not an idiot for years. Imagine making a living dissing people publically when they can't respond. So, let's make that a lite weight fool struggling to have a job.

jerry reinsdorf is not an idiot.........he is just mean nasty and arrogant.......look ay the way he treats his

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