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Jamal Anderson caught sniffing cocaine of the toilet tank in a bar bathroom

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jamal.jpgFormer Atlanta Falcons running back and Dirty Bird enthusiast Jamal Anderson was arrested early Sunday morning after a police officer saw him sniffing cocaine in the men's room of a bar.

And, since if you're going to be sniffing cocaine in the men's room of a bar, it's best to have company:

"Anderson, 36, and Mark Daniel Hudson, 20, both of Duluth, were in the same stall inside the men's room at Peachtree Tavern about 3 a.m., sniffing powder cocaine off the toilet tank, said police spokesman Otis Redmond.
Anderson rushed for 1,846 yards in 1998 and served as an analyst for ESPN's First Take this past season.

Ex-Falcons star Jamal Anderson arrested for drug possession   (AJC)

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Did he at least put one of those paper toilet seat cover thingies on top of the tank first?

Two men in the same stall will seem suspicious, unless you're in a *really* sleazy gay bar. A bartender once told me they sprayed WD40 on all the tank tops to discourage snorting anything off them. Even if I did drugs, I can't imagine snorting them off *any* surface in a public bathroom.

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