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Is Brett Favre preparing for his new career as NFL talking head?

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brett-favre-espn.jpgIn a move that should surprise absolutely no one familiar with sports media, the "Brett Favre to ESPN" idea is gaining momentum.

USA Today's Michael Hiestand discussed the possibility of the former Packers great replacing departed dancing king Emmitt Smith in his column yesterday.

"Signing the supposedly retired Brett Favre would bring in a star. Norby Williamson, ESPN executive vice president, says ESPN hopes to meet with Favre next month: "He's a funny, dynamic guy and would add to anybody's coverage."
It makes sense that Favre -- seemingly the subject of a giant media man-crush for the better part of his career -- would cross over and become a commentator. He certainly seems affable enough.

On the other hand, Favre's back-and-forth retirement saga the past year or so has probably turned some football fans off. And then there's the unavoidable seething disdain that would come from NFC North fans in places like Chicago, Minnesota and Detroit.

Personally, I'd like to see him and John Madden paired up on NBC, if only to keep Frank Caliendo relevant. (Big Caliendo fan.)

So, what say you? You want to see Favre breaking down game tape or should he stay away?

With Emmitt Smith out, could ESPN get Brett Favre?     (USA Today)
Brett Favre preparing to enter the world of broadcasting    (Yahoo)

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Favre is awesome. Why not?

I think Brett Favre should try to play for the vikings first, and if that doesn't work, he should coach them.(ha ha!?) His arm can take another season even if he has to switch off with another qb! I just can't see him behind a just doesn't seem right. Not yet anyways. Being from Wisconsin and meeting Favre in person in my hometown was pretty cool. We wish he could play forever! Of course if he ends up with a microphone I'm sure it will be entertaining and we will all be watching. Good Luck Brett!

I think #4 should do it just to be a continuous irritation for the 3 stooges; Ted, Mark & Mike UNLESS he can get the job with the Vikes.

I would love to see Brett on espn or doing some sort of sports broadcasting. I have been watchin him all of mylife and it would be like old times to turn on the tv after a game and see him talking. Football will be very diffrent with #4 being gone, and him doing somthing like that would be very soothing to any football fan.

I think Brett should replace the SFB Kornhusker on Monday Night Football, and that Korny should go back to Brooklyn.

Also a Wisconsinite and Packer fan, I know that amongst many of us, Favre is completely forgiven for his retirement saga(s) if that's necessary anyway. Darn right he's funny...and the natural understudy for Madden, who can't do it forever. I for one would love to see Favre in the broadcast booth.

Unfortunately Bret is locked into contract with the Jets and is not be free to pursue a career as a Quarterback. You see, when Green Bay sold his contract they made it impossible that he could be traded or released from the Jets. It would cost the Jets some 1st round draft picks to either release or trade him, and that's not a price they're willing or able to pay.

I would love it love it and love it. It would make his retirement less depressing, and he knows the Packers whom I love more than him better than anyone. Please take the friggin job #4

I love Brett Favre and would love to see him back in the NFL. I was very sad when I heard that he had retired. If he can't be my Packers QB then I'd love to hear him talk about football. Love ya Brett. Good luck in whatever you choose to do.

I think Brett Should of Pulled his head out of his Ass and re-tired a long time ago he's a washed up hasben, How many teams would put up with a player retiring then come out of retiring thats nuts favre has Major mental issues!!!!

Pat P
If your head wasn't in a dark place you would know that many time the great QB's have retired and come back. They love the game and hate to leave it. That is only human nature. Favre is one of the best QBs ever!! HE WILL BE MISSED. I think it would be great if he replaced Madden OR be on ESPN. I say good luck to you, Brett Favre, in what ever you elects to do. You will be great at it just like you were at Quarterbacking! GO FAVRE!!!!!

I also love Brett Favre and have for many years. He's the reason I watch football! It would be wonderful to see him talking football this fall! Go, Brett!

I have been a Packer fan for 50 years. I remember the 29 year draught before Favre brought respectability back to Green Bay. I live in Las Vegas & went to training camp every year. I listened to NFL Sirius Radio & watch the NFL channel daily. I hated the way the Packers treated him & as much as it pained me to see him another uniform, I was grateful to have another year to watch him. I would love to see Brett go into broadcasting. It would help fill the void.Football isn't the same without him!

No, Brett is not locked into the Jets. If they traded him, it would have to be to another team other than the NFC North. However, if they released him, he would be free to go wherever he wants.

However, none of this should have happened. If Ted had truly believed that Aaron is the future, then he should have had the same class as Ron Wolf did with Reggie White, and released him. Then, Favre could have been on a team that was a better fit and maybe had a chance, instead of Mangidiot's stupid ideas of coaching.

I'd love to see Brett come back and play for the Vikings, or the Chiefs, or anybody that would be able to use his talent. But, if not, then I'll be happy seeing him on ESPN or taking over for Madden. But, I feel eventually, he will probably end up as a quarterback coach sometime in the future.

We are BRETT FAVRE FANS 4-EVER! He is the greatest quarterback ever to play the game and the most fun to watch! It was truly heartbreaking to see how he was treated by the Packers after all he has done for them. He should have never been pressured to retire in the first place. We were so thankful he had a chance to play another year for the Jets. We think he would do a great job in the NFL broadcast booth. We know he will give it all he's got whatever he chooses to do. We hope he gets the message that his fans love him and want to see him continue in football in some capacity. We look forward to hearing some good news from the NFL that Brett Favre is back in some way!

I can't believe anyone thinks John Madden is anything but a dribbling idiot. It's like watching a mongoloid. Thank GOD he retired. Brett would be great and fun to see. I'm a dyed in the wool Vikings fan and I would like to watch him. He's a decent man with great charecter. But fist he needs to lead the Vikings to their fist Superbowl victory. Can you imagine the drama of Favre starting for the Vikings in Dumbo feild???? It would be great for the NFL. It would eclipse the audience for that horrible American Idol show.

But if Favre wanted to return this summer, he would force the Jets, who already owe the Packers a third-round pick in this year's draft for the Favre deal, into an uncomfortable position. The Jets would be like Green Bay last year and have to either bring Favre back at a salary cap figure of $13 million, or try to block Favre's release or find a trading partner. Minnesota is pretty much the ideal situation for Favre, but a trade to the Vikings would cost the Jets a first-round pick due to a clause in the Favre trade with the Packers last year. But Vikings owner Zygi Wilf said he's not interested in Favre.
Would you try and block 13 mil release, me thinks so? Yea basically he is locked into the Jets.
Yes he is funny, personal and charming boy next door, but can't act for crap - any one ever see "There's something about Mary"? so good luck to ESPN if they hire him.
I am a fan with packer season tickets, love Brett, but don't see him as a "talking head"

Your wrong about that. If the Jets cut him. He's all ours. Can I use your seats for the Packers Vikings in Wisconsin? Brett's on his way to Minnesota. We may be looking at the first non sold out contest in Green Bay! I can't wait. It's going to be awesome.

I agree Brett is not an actor. Who needs an actor. He just needs to voice his opinion. And he is witty. His only real drawback is his having done those ridiculous Wrangler jeans commercials. Who wears those other than thick headed cowboys. And than at that, what's the connection with Favre?

First of all, I think John Madden would have a heart attack.

Actually coming from a Viking fan, without the new love for him now...i think he would make a great commentator.

But we 7-1. Thanks Brett. :) You would have looked better in Purple a long long time ago. And we would have let you come back. Stupid ted thomson

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