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High school swim coach fired over T-shirts mocking student

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A high school swim coach in Connecticut has been fired for his involvement in the production of T-shirts mocking a student who had quit the team.

The shirts in question read: "The Mascot is a quitter," and referred to a swimmer who quit the team when he was not made captain.

This also is not the first time the coach in question, Kevin Quill, has come under scrutiny for the team's choice of clothing slogans.
"In the past, Quill has approved team shirts with sexually suggestive messages, such as a shirt worn by the girls team that said, "The Wetter, The Better." School administrators made the girls turn their shirts inside out to hide the message, according to several former swimmers.

Another shirt was printed with, "Smashing the Competition, One Tree ... One Team at a Time." This made reference to a swim team member who had crashed his car into a tree and suffered a head injury, putting him briefly in a coma, according to a former female swimmer who asked to remain anonymous.
If that last one is 100 percent legit, that's pretty ridiculous. On the other hand, slightly suggestive shirts were a staple at my high school and it seemed like everyone was pretty apathetic about it.

Quill explained his side of the story with a letter.

" According to the letter, Quill admitted to administrators that he "was aware that the swim team members had the shirts and that (he) had purchased them with the understanding that they would be paid for by the swim team parent group."

Quill explained to administrators that the shirts, which said, "The Mascot is a quitter," referred to a swimmer who quit the team after he was not made captain, the letter states. Quill claimed he was "not poking fun at the student (Mascot), but instead were poking fun at the situation," according to the letter.

Do you think that Quill's termination was warranted? What would you do if the same type of behavior was going on at your school or your children's school?

Swim coach fired over bullying     (New Haven Registry)

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Yeah, when student-athletes these days are watching their role models get busted for PED's and bong hits, school administrators must have a slow work day when firing a guy over a t-shirt is the only thing on the docket for that particular day. What a joke. We couldn't even call our 3-on-3 charity basketball team "3 guys who want to know if you're going to be anal about the fouls," because it insinuated that the referees were bad. Freaking schools in general just need to lighten up.

First of all..that name for your charity basketball team is lame. Somehow everyone in society wants to be a comedian or find a way to put a snazzy saying on a tshirt. The above..aren't funny at all. Cant we act like adults and not worry about trying to prove how witty or smart we are by printing tshirts?

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