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George Clooney subleasing to David Beckham

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george-clooney-david-beckham.jpgWithout a doubt, my favorite part of celebrity magazines like US Weekly and People are the photo spreads of famous people doing the mundane things that us commoners also do.

You know, stuff like "Reese Witherspoon buys groceries!" or "Mary-Kate Olsen drinks lattes!" Seriously, it's oddly compelling.

So, it's a bit interesting to read that soccer superstar David Beckham is subleasing a place from cinema buff George Clooney. I mean, Becks has got to keep an eye on those rent payments. They really add up.
The two apparently became friends last year when fashion magnate Giorgio Armani introduced them.

David Beckham Moves into George Clooney's Villa     (People)

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Beckham back to Manchester
Great news that David Beckham is going back to Manchester United to play against his old club. Personally, I can't wait to see Becks on the field in an AC Milan shirt scoring a goal against Fergie's team. Some of the online sports sites listed at say that if Becks plays he will be booed by some, but I think he is still one of the best players England has ever produced.

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