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Brian Urlacher spotted with George Clooney's ex-girlfriend in Las Vegas?

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Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher spent a romantic Valentine's Day in Las Vegas with Sarah Larson, the ex-girlfriend of Oscar winner George Clooney, a Las Vegas newspaper is reporting.

"They were holding hands, definitely on a Valentine's Day date," a "spy" told Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The pair snuggled up at the Bellagio's club The Bank, which bills itself as "the most desirable cosmopolitan nightclub in Las Vegas."
The All-Pro linebacker, who once dated Paris Hilton, has been busy off the field with an ongoing custody battle with Tyna Robertson, a former stripper who was sued by "Lord of the Dance" Michael Flatley over making a false sexual allegation against him.

Urlacher, Clooney, Larson, Hilton and Flatley aren't the only celebrities making cameos in this story.

According to Norm Clarke's Web site, the eye-patch sporting columnist is "one of Las Vegas's most notable and recognizable celebrities."

Clarke describes himself as the all-seeing, all-knowing "eye-patched man-about-town."

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So what? B. Urlacher can date whom he wants when he wants. He's the best thing to happen to this city since M. Jordan.

How come you're not blogging about the B. Miller & J. Salmons trade that J. Paxson made? He made the Maloof brothers look like... well.... maloofs! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

Linda S.

That is not our business and definitely should not be published by "Sun-Times" because it is an invasion of his privacy. Anyway they both are young and good looking so good for them. anyway there is non of our business !!!!! That is no sport news !!!!

Linda S and Reader, have you ever heard of a celeb gossip column. That is what they do, report gossip about celebrities. If you become a celebrity you have to know that your privacy goes out the window. As long as it does not relate to children, its fair game. Plus Sarah Larson is all about the celebrity, just do a search on google and their pictures of her all over the place including pictures posted by her and her friends. She loves the camera and the attention.

That Brian Urlachers, business and nobody elses!

Anyone ever think that maybe it wasn't Sarah Larson and maybe it is his actual girlfriend?? Don't people check into these things these days??

George Clooney is relieved to be single again. He thinks the girl is sweet and that is why it was hard to break up with her ex.

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