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Blackwater Worldwide offering workshops for pro athletes

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In the wake of the tragic death of Sean Taylor and the self-inflicted gunshot wound of Plaxico Burress, Blackwater Worldwide is opening up its firearm training ranges and safety workshops to professional athletes.

Blackwater, which is best known for protecting American diplomats in Iraq, will begin the weekend training courses in April. Thus far, no professional athletes have signed up. But, as you might imagine, the NFL is not too pleased with the company scheduling these sessions during football's offseason.
"Our strong recommendation to players is that they should not own guns and our policy prohibits all NFL employees from possessing guns or other weapons on NFL facilities or while on NFL business," said league spokesman Brian McCarthy on Thursday.

Anything involving firearms and athletes is bound to draw attention. Burress has been charged with illegal weapons possession, a felony, but in the days afterward, some players said they could see why guns were necessary for protection. Taylor died after being shot in the leg at his house by an armed intruder in 2007, and afterward, the NFL players' union ran seminars about home protection.
What do you think? Is this something pro athletes should be looking into? And what kind of backlash do you think they'd face if they did?

Blackwater offers arms training for pro athletes    (Rocky Mountain Telegram)

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