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Bartolo Colon: The new face of the Chicago White Sox?

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bartolo-colon.jpgIf you're like me, then school-picture day was the source of much anxiety. From a very early age my peers and I were forced to think that if you didn't have the laser background, you might as well not even ask to sit at the cool kid's table. Seriously, it was kind of a lot of pressure for an elementary student.

We'd pick out our favorite Tommy Hilfiger or Stussy shirt to wear, spike our hair to the appropriate level and think we had it all under control. Then, something unexpected would happen. A particularly sloppy, muddy game of football at recess would break out or Walking Taco residue would ruin any chance of a decent picture.

Mom would be mad, and there would be the necessary re-takes.

So, we kind of know what Bartolo Colon must be going through.
Definitely not a good outing for Bartolo Colon at spring training picture day. At least according to the Sports Hernia, who weighs in with an appropriate level of snarkiness on the league's most amusing snapshots.

Anyone out there got any picture day horror stories they want to get off their chest?

MLB photo day artistry continues    (The Sports Hernia)

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