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Ashton Kutcher to star in football movie, get sacked at box office

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ashton_kutcher_football.jpgNoted Bears fan Ashton Kutcher, a name often mentioned with the terms 'athlete' and 'hard-nosed,' is slated to star in a football-themed comedy for Paramount Pictures.

The movie is tentatively titled "Traded," and sounds a bit like "Freaky Friday" meets "The Longshots" -- minus any Activia enthusiasts, train wrecks or former N.W.A. members.

"Storycenters on a superstar NFL quarterback and a 12-year-old middle school geek who magically trade bodies, then quickly learn valuable lessons about humility and courage."

If it's half as good as "What Happens in Vegas," we won't be surprised.

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Sort of feel like Demi did not bring her A-Game that day.

kyle, she did bring her A-hole with her, however.

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