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Allen Iverson has cut his hair, adjust your plans accordingly

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allen-iverson-cut-his-hair.jpgIn this ever-changing world -- and especially in these trouble economic times -- it's very important for the American public to have some sense of continuity in their lives. You know, that reassuring anchor of reality for them to look to no matter how stormy the seas.

Well, Allen Iverson's cornrows are no longer that stabilizing force.

The diminutive NBA star cut his trademark braids -- ones he'd sported for 12 years -- and showed his new closely cropped 'do off at the Eastern Conference's All-Star practice.
Iverson talked about his decision to change his look with Slam Magazine's Lang Whitaker.

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New AI Look, alot of talent superstars, stuntmandvd will be there next year

I like his hair cut:) He is too cute:)

Who's Lag Whitaker?

Kyle responds: Someone who'd been improperly credited. Excellent video. Now if only A.I. could save my beloved Pistons.

i can t believe u cut your hair BOO! im mad at you, but you still SEXY!

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