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Did Alex Rodriguez test positive for steroids in 2003?

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alex_rodriguez_steroids.jpgSports Illustrated is reporting today that four sources have told the magazine that Alex Rodriguez, reportedly dubbed "A-fraud" by Yankee teammates, tested positive for two anabolic steroids in 2003.


"Rodriguez's name appears on a list of 104 players who tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in Major League Baseball's '03 survey testing, SI's sources say. As part of a joint agreement with the MLB Players Association, the testing was conducted to determine if it was necessary to impose mandatory random drug testing across the major leagues in 2004."
The results of the 2003 testing were supposed to remain anonymous under an agreement between Bud Selig's office and the MLB Players Association. But the results were seized by warrant-wielding federal agents in 2004 as part of the BALCO investigation, according the article. Two of the SI sources have "knowledge of the testing results."

Rodriguez was named the American League MVP in 2003, a year in which he netted his third-straight home run title. He is currently the highest-paid player in the league with a 10-year contract he signed in 2007 worth up to $305 million.

The first accusation of Rodriguez' steroid use came from -- of all places -- Jose Canseco. Deadspin reminds us in their post today of Canseco's steroid tell-all Vindicated, in which he claims he introduced the Yankees slugger to a known steroid dealer.

Red Sox fans aside, does a report like this really surprise anyone? Can it really be considered a "bombshell" story anymore when we find out that a Major League baseball player -- no matter how prolific -- is alleged to have used steroids? After all, a positive steroid test in 2003 -- when A-Rod is said to have tested positive for them -- didn't exactly warrant punishment from the MLB. So I guess the better question is: Does anyone out there believe that any shred of "sanctity" still exists when it comes to professional baseball?

Sources tell SI Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids in 2003 []

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"After all, steroids weren't technically against the rules when A-Rod is said to have used them." Doesn't the fact that they are illegal in this country without a prescription make them against the rules? I wasn't aware baseball had its own set of laws.

I think if you play by the rules of baseball and make and agreement
then they should be liable. instead of just releasing bonds and arod results in all fairness the results of all players in the game should be exposed. Then no one can say they are being targeted. Also
if they did it while it was still wlthin the rules of baseball, no one should be prosecuted during those years. the government should not be during this this way. Since baseball worked with the government in the end then the government should let baseball handle
it. by the way the government is one of the worst organizations as far as keeping their own laundry clean. I think it is wrong that the
players ever did this, but at the time of all this baseball was on it's own life presever from the owners and players strike. baseball knew of the steroid use but needed the players to post high numbers,
so the fans would return. So in a way baseball is a player in all of
this and no one is saying that. Most of these players would have been in the hall of fame anyway with out the steroids.All i'm saying is don't get it twisted cause the government and baseball should be ashamed of themselves also.

The whole sport is dirty and its "president" got 18million dollars last year--if we continue to support the sport we need to do it with the understanding they are cheaters.

They should blow the whole thing up and start over again---with realistic salaries, and ticket prices.

Pathetic the whole lot of them...hold your heads down in shame MLB. And Manny says NO to 25m for one year of "work". I guess they should check players for what they're smoking too. Disgraceful

i think the biggest player enhancment of all should be banned....glasses and contact lenses. why not??? do they not enhance the players natural ability to play the game?? while they are at it, the opposite should be done for the umpires, they should be forced to wear them.

None of you cared about steroids or anything else...(ESPN) until Barry Bonds passed up Mark McSterioids. Nobody said a thing about Pudge rodriguez who was basically popeye at catcher, then turned lilipution like for the Tigers. Dah!!! they already told you baseball has been covering this up for years. So what's the point? Stop wasting our tax dollars on who's a junkie and who's not. You don't care what your favorite movie star does or music artist now do you?

"After all, steroids weren't technically against MLB rules when A-Rod is said to have tested positive for them."

No, this is simply wrong. Steroids have been prohibited by MLB for almost two decades.

This kind of blight on the game isn't going to go away any time soon. It has all be foretold in literature:

Everyone needs to lay off. Do you take vitamins or sleeping aids so you can be rested and healthy and be able to make more time for work to tkae care of you or your family? Does the rich kid with a personal instructor have an advantage over the poor kid? Do cortazone shots like the one taken by gibson in the world series that time so he could hit pinch hit game winner count as enhancements? Major leaguers have taken speed and other drugs for decades. Babe ruth was getting messed up every day, you think he stopped at alcohol? DOn't think he used anything else? Don't think that helped give him advantages? Everyone takes something to get an advantage, from simple asprin to pain killers to steroids. When Hank Aaron was coming to his record Arnold Swarzenegger had won several MR OLYMPIA titles with use of steroids as well as many other football players and other athletes. You think its really out of the realm of possibility that those baseball players weren't getting some? Come on. Everyone wants to hold baseball to a higher standard. They are athletes, they don't just take steroids and get bigger and stronger, you still have to eat right and work out. You still have to know how to hit, it doesn't come natural. Money? BILLY BOUY. He feels he is worth it. If all of your peers were offered 30 mil to do their job, would you not want 30 mil if you were better than all of them? don't be jealous. Are you going to watch? Yes all of you are, so thats how they can be paid so much, they deserve and earn it. Just because you CANT do anything that millions of people want to see doesn't mean they should be punished. Let it go people.

A-Rod sucks.

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