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Alex Rodriguez hitches a ride with Yuri Sucart

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alex-rodriguez-yuri-sucart.jpgAs you know -- unless you were living in a cave under the ocean -- Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez has had his name in the paper quite a bit lately for things he'd done off the playing field.

Today, the media frenzy took a momentary backseat to on-field action as A-Rod suited up for the Yankees' spring training opener.

Rodriguez did his best to win the divided crowd over with a home run in his second at-bat, but certainly made an interesting transportation following the game.
The New York Post is reporting that after the game, Rodriguez hopped into an SUV driven by his cousin Yuri Sucart -- the man A-Rod said injected him with steroids from 2001-2003.

"Just when you think Alex Rodriguez has figured out how to turn around this public relations' nightmare, he does something ridiculous.

After Rodriguez won over some of the crowd and said all the right things during an interview session, he climbed into a burgundy SUV. As A-Rod approached the vehicle the passenger side window went down and Yuri Sucart was the man behind the wheel.

So, why would A-Rod opt for this mode of transport? Surely, there had to be a better choice. It's one thing to be supportive of family, but an entirely different thing to thrust him back into the spotlight and open yourself up for questioning again.

If nothing else, the headlines of the New York papers should be entertaining tomorrow morning.


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