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Alex Rodriguez denied steroid use in 2007 '60 Minutes' interview

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Alex Rodriguez sat down with CBS' Katie Couric in 2007 for an interview that aired on "60 Minutes." In it, the Yankee slugger flat-out denied every having used steroids, but as we've learned today, that might not exactly be true.

Here's an excerpt of the interview.

Has your view of Rodriguez changed in light of this news, coupled with his stone-faced denial? What will his legacy be?

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1 Comment

Incomprehensible. Simply incomprehensible. One lie after another is coming over Alex Rodriguez's lips.
Who was he trying to fool for decades? Drugs and steroids were his success to capture Billions of $ in baseball assignments - and MADONNA.
Shame on the Baseball Club hiring him again.
They all were fully aware of this phony creature - not standing up or delivering what he is being paid for.
Sorry sorry for the downturn in the American economy. Rodriguez plays a great part in it - and many many more of the overpaid cheaters in sports.
Professional-Sport-Athlete's and CEO's in the USA are in my view are full of greed, self-absorbed, egotistic, ...
(I'm searching for more words to express my thoughts. I am angry and despise the Ones who have caused the dilemma the world is facing now.)
And "A-Rod" Rodriguez is part of this dilemma. He will never ever be happy again. I know so.

Juergen Breuer
(A German-Canadian with an opinion)

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