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Alex Rodriguez apologized to Selena Roberts

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arod-selena-roberts.jpgIt seems that Alex Rodriguez has done some soul-searching and decided to apologize to Sports Illustrated writer Selena Roberts.

A-Rod had blasted Roberts -- the woman who co-wrote the story breaking the news of Rodriguez' positive test -- for her lack of professionalism.
""What makes me upset is that Sports Illustrated pays this lady, Selena Roberts, to stalk me," he [Rodriguez] told ESPN's Peter Gammons.

Rodriguez went on to say that Roberts was tossed from his New York City apartment building, that she had to be escorted off of the University Miami campus by police when she sought out Rodriguez at the campus gym on Thursday and that she tried to break into his Miami home where his "children were sleeping".

"There are some really respectable journalists that are following this lady off a cliff," he said.

Some harsh words, but as I said on Saturday, Rodriguez has been saying and doing all the right things since the news broke. His owning up to his mistakes is a refreshing change from all the others who've been pricked by the needle of steroid scandal.

A-Rod apologizes to SI's Roberts     (MLB)

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