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Witching hour links: Jeff Jogadzinski gets threatened, man wins lottery and dies the same day and who let Matt Millen into the studio?

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Boston College coach Jeff Jagodzinski may meet with the New York Jets about their coaching vacancy. Sources say he will be fired if he does. Better get it, Jeff. Better get it. (ESPN)

Connecticut man buys lottery ticket, dies the same day. Lottery ticket wins $10 million. Ironic, don't you think? (Yahoo)

Rick Telander wants Andre Dawson in the Hall of Fame. Do not anger Rick Telander, people. (Sun-Times)

What in the hell was Matt Millen doing in studio during NBC's playoff coverage Saturday. That's like having Mrs. O'Leary's cow analyze the Chicago fire -- or something. (MLive)

Scientists say love that lasts a lifetime is a possible. That's cute. (CNN)

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