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White Sox to release special Barack Obama-themed hat

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white_sox_hat_obama.jpgRiding the wave of friendly feeling for President Barack Obama, the Chicago White Sox have announced plans to release two new versions of their hat with some Obamanian features on the back and side.

Sports Business Journal reports, "The hats have been approved by MLB Properties, and the White Sox now are awaiting a formal blessing from the Obama administration before league licensee New Era goes into production. Both designs will be made if accepted by Obama."
Any proceeds from the sale of the special Obama hat would most likely be donated to a White Sox-related charity.

Sales of Sox merchandise has boosted 25 percent since Nov. 5 when Obama was elected president, and the team has launched a special section on its official site titled "Barack Obama First Fan."

In an effort perhaps to quell any possible public perception concerns with this and other future Obama/Sox collaborative marketing ventures, Brooks Boyer, the White Sox vice president and chief marketing officer told SBJ, "We don't want to be overly opportunistic and exploit this."

White Sox design Obama cap [Sports Business Journal]
White Sox mulling line of Obama caps [ABC7 Chicago]

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Leave it to the White Stocking to cash in on B. Obama wearing a White Stocking cap. Does B. Obama even know something about sports?

I guess they need to scrounge up a few extra bucks to pay for another retread (K. Griffey Jr., B. Colon, R. Alomar, S. Alomar, C. Everett)... something they wouldn't have to do if their fans could afford tickets to their games.

Linda S.


Perhaps you should read the article or do some research on the subject before launching into an already tired bashing of the Sox. If you had done either, you would know that according to the article, the proceeds are going directly to charities. Or possibly, you would know that President Obama is a sports fan that has many times discussed his love of the Sox, or even his plans to possibly try and get a playoff system in place for college football.

I guess when you just have to spew negative stereotypical false beliefs, one cannot be too concerned with educating themselves with fact. Now please; tell me more about how the fan base are all thugs that only live to drink and fight, I haven't heard that one in a good day or two.

Wow, Linda S. Do you even know about sports? It has been made perfectly clear, especially by the sun-times that Mr. Obama does know about sports. Article after article is written about Obama and his love for basketball. Also, he is a white sox FAN. If you knew sports Linda, you would have known that before being elected, Mr. Obama caused some ripples with his comments on Wrigley Field and about the cubs and their fans on ESPN. I don't think a man that didn't know his sports would go on ESPN(last time I checked a sports channel) and make comments about the cubs.

Another note, according to this report ,"Any proceeds from the sale of the special Obama hat would most likely be donated to a White Sox-related charity." SO, the white stockings won't be using that money to get another retread. Also, if YOU were a sports fan than you would know that R. Alomar and S. Alomar are no longer in baseball(atleast the last time I checked, otherwise they'd be on the sox already ;P)

Anywho. I believe Mr. Obama is a sports fan and a hardcore white sox fan so please don't challenge someone's sports fandom unless you know all the facts surrounding the reasons as to why the sox are making a hat dedicated to Mr. Obama( a true white sox fan according to all the articles and comments that have been written about him.)

I think the the Sox get Obama's blessing, its a great way for them to incorportate some charities into this. The White Sox have also launched a community service program in the President's honor.
Linda also fails to mention that the Sox have several kids camps and baseball academies that run year-long for underpriveliged kids. But you're right Jose, the same old tired stereotypes from the same old tired fan base of the club up north.

Here here Jose, my sentiments exactly.

Lets please stop ganging up on Linda. She obviously has confused the White Sox with the Cubs. Either that or she hasn't tried getting tickets to either a Cubs or Sox game in quite a while.

Maybe Linda is jealous and is waiting for the Cubs to come out with a Blago cap. I can see it one side, the word BLAGO behind jail bars and on the other side the year 1908. Why not celebrate the ineptness of both the Cubs and their number one fan!!

WOW!! I guess it doesnt take more than a Chicago Minute for a Scrubs fan ooops I mean Cubs fan to bash the new White Sox Hat. The one thing I have repeatedly noticed or seen over the years is that Cubs fans are just haters, they "hate" the fact that we Won the WORLD SERIES in 2005, they hate the fact that their team has stunk for more than 100 years and even more so that 50+ of those years have yielded losing seasons hahaha!, they hate the fact that most of the famous people that love the Cubs or represent them are either not to bright or criminals (Rod Blagojevich/Mark Cuban/Sam Zell). So before all the bashing of the new Obama/White Sox hat starts, I just wanted to say that I am glad a portion of the proceeds go to charities and I am really glad that Obama continues to wear his White Sox hat proudly and is a "sports fan" even though some idiots say he isnt.
Ohh and as far as us scrounging up a few extra bucks to pay older or washed up players, hmmm...seems to me that this is the White Sox team that usually whips on on your awesome Cubbies and their great pitching staff :) Please, I would take any one of Kenny Williams decisions over Jim Hendry's any day! Like I tell all other Cubs fans, "Talk to me when you guys acually learn how to (WIN) a playoff game ok?" As for the new hat and the big advertisement congratulating President Obama outside Comiskey Park, I am very proud to be a long-time Sox fan (I really can't wait for opening day)

Linda S. is a regular poster to the Tribune's "From the Cubicle" blogs where discussion is presented during games. She is apparently a big Cubs fan, but is primarily known for going on the board during Sox games and bashing them. Kind of a pathetic, contrarian existence> Like most trolls, she goes away if she is not fed.

I dont care what anyone says. I'll be the first to get a hat.

Linda Linda Linda..... Leave it to a Cubs fan to be ignorant.... Someone must not watch the news and read the paper... Don't speak unless you have something intelligent to say or are caught up with current events... I believe that the anger should be with your Cubs.... They've not once but twice let down their fans in the play-offs.... Also Desperate times call for desperate measures from the Cubs..... I would also have the Governor hold the Cubs hostage in deal making.... Poor guys they are that bad no one wants to buy them... Serious bad luck.... Oh well whats the Cubs motto..."Better Luck Next Year!"

Go Cubs!

I guess it is a good thing there is no crossover between White Sox fans and Republicans/Libertarians.

It is cool that the President of the United States is a fan of the same baseball team as I am, but I really don't need to see his campaign logo on White Sox merchandise

You people are nuts. Who cares about what team is what. The fact that the a chunk of the country is going Obama bananas is the real issue here and freakin scary. Man what a love affair with a moron one have never been seen before. And even if Obama was a "genius" it is still scary to see the craziness people are doing. I don't know about you folks, but the last thing I want as a leader is someone "everyone" loves. Now that's scary. It's downright close to creating a dictator / monster you won't be able to change.

Cheers and I hope you get 40 inches of snow, ice and all chicago teams lose every year. That is my wish for a town who breeds nothing but crap for politians. Maybe its the "genes Charlie"

"Man what a love affair with a moron one have never been seen before"

Can someone please tell me wtf that means? JoeChi must not have taken his pills today. Great hat! I will get mine the day it comes out.

Linda do you know your history? The cubs used to be the "white stockings" the white sox have never been called that. Go look up your cubs history before you speak. maybe you'll learn something about the past 100 years or so.

To Mike B. (B for brainless)

"Man what a love affair with a moron one have never been seen before" means - no one has ever seen a following of a person like this in ones lifetime. Granted it could of been said better - and I should of because a moron like you can't figure it out. Yes - go get your dunce hat you nut.

Great point Jim! Linda...looks like you got roasted! Better luck next time!

Time to start celebrating the 101 years of failure Cubs fans....dont hate it, EMBRACE IT!

Hey Linda S.,

If greedy pig Cubs fans hadn't looted all of the dough, we'd be able to afford tickets.

Sure seems like President Obama hates the Cubs as much as we do, so deal with it.

One more reason to hate the White Sox

In observance of the occasion, Cubs hats which have no reference to Obama will be available.

If instead Barack were a Cubs fan, we'd never hear the end of it.

And of coursse, the Cubbie faithful would have no problem with that, being the bunch of self-obsessed hypocrites that they are.

Ah well. A second century of misery has just begun!

Who care's? All that matters is still no sCrubs in the World Series. HA ha ha.

Rich S,
what do you mean "seems to me that this is the White Sox team that usually whips on on your awesome Cubbies and their great pitching staff"
last time i checked the inter league series was tied, so i dont think usually means what you think it does,,\ but being the sox fan you are, i dont expect you to be able to get your head around complex ideas such as fractions.

Jose, I'm with you man Good response to an obvious Cub Fan.
Go White Sox

Hey White Sox. Isn't that the Obama Campaign Logo? Last time I checked Obama won, the campaign is over. That's so 2008.

If you want to do it right, sell a #44 jersey with Obama on the back.

Maybe Obama can make the Sox give their World Series rings to the Cubs. Not to punish their success, just to spread the wealth.

idiots, all of you.

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