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Well, that's not very nice

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(St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

This was the view from the Hilton St. Louis this morning of a piece of blighted property that sits across the street from Busch Stadium. Of note is the writer's excellent snow-walking penmanship.

The message -- "Cubs suck" -- is admittedly a bit harsh. I only wish whoever it was had taken the time to write, "The Cubs may very well win the Central Division again, but it's likely they'll not fare well in the playoffs." That's much more accurate.

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Clearly this Cardinal fan has too much time on their hands.

I guess I understand... This fan base is searching for ways to forget the fact that their current NFL team, the Ram only won 2 games while their former, the Arizona Cardinal is playing in Super Bowl XLIII. Oh, and K. Warner has also found success away from St. Louis. All the while, THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE A HEAD COACH!! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

Speaking of a trashy fan base wasting time in parking lots, check out this White Stocking fan doing donuts in the U.S. Comiskular parking lot:

Linda S.

This is awesome

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