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We (the media) love Tim Tebow

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Predictably, the vast majority of the media landscape is feeling love for Tim Tebow this morning the likes of which hasn't been thrust upon an individual since a certain Illinois Senator was running for this nation's highest office.

Can you blame us? As The Sports Network so succinctly puts it: "He has the pretty girl. The big muscles. The bronze statue displayed were most young men his age showcase a collection of beer bottles. Yet, he never flaunts his success or boasts about his enormous talents, but rather deflects praise to his biggest fan at every turn. God."

Would that we were all as good at life as Tim Terrific.

Here's a smattering of Tebow love from around the Web:

New York Times: Tebow's Performance a Perfect Ending (or Maybe Not)

LA Times: There's no debate about the greatness of Tim Tebow

ESPN: Tebow carries Gators to title

Orlando Sentinel: Best ever

The Sports Network: Tebow keeps promise to team, fans, God

The Gainesville Sun: This win, this title stands alone

The Miami Herald: College football needs Tebow to stay one more year

Anyone care to dissent?

The Canadian Press (of course!): Borrrring! BCS championship game should have been on C-Span

Houston Chronicle: Chronicle writer tabs Utah as No. 1 in final AP Poll

The Norman (Okla.) Transcript: Bad plays, bad decisions cost Sooners the title (Bad plays and bad decisions -- not the greatness of Tim Tebow -- is why OU lost. Bold claim, Transcript. Bold claim.)

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