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Texas Longhorns win Fiesta Bowl, Rachel Glandorf featured in many crowd reaction shots

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glandorf3.jpgDidn't get a chance to watch the whole Fiesta Bowl last night, but was lucky enough to tune in for the ever-so dramatic seven minutes.

In that time span, Terrell Pryor caught a touchdown pass, Ohio State roared into the lead and Colt McCoy cemented his legacy with a last-second touchdown toss to the underrated Quan Cosby.

But, apparently I missed a great deal of gratitous shots of McCoy's girlfriend Rachel Glandorf during the first 53 minutes of action.

And judging from how popular this young lady has gotten on search engines, football fans sure seem to know what they like.
The good people at The Big Lead were kind enough to provide the proceeding screen grabs of McCoy's loved ones rooting on the Longhorns.

There's something undeniably American about the whole thing, don't you think?

Glandorf is an aspiring journalist in addition to a Colt McCoy enthusiast and through the magic of the internet some of her stand-ups are readily available.

To wit:


Not Sure Colt McCoy's Girlfriend Is The Next Erin Andrews, But Perhaps Someday  (FanIQ)
Colt McCoy's Girlfriend is Having a Much Better Evening   (The Big Lead)

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