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Tell us what Terrell Owens' new VH1 reality show should be called

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Terrell Owens, who we hope (for the pure entertainment value) will someday become a Bear, is joining the elite ranks of Ray J, Flava Flav and Bret Michaels with his own VH1 reality show.

According to an report, "T.O.'s best friends and publicists -- Monique Jackson and Kita Williams -- will help him re-examine his personal life. The two will work as 'matchmakers and therapists' for Owens."

Matchmakers? T.O. needs matchmakers? If one of the most dominant NFL receivers in recent years needs matchmakers, I posit there is no hope for the rest of us who don't wear numbers on our work clothes.
The Big Lead is proposing that the reason T.O. is agreeing to do the reality show may stem less from his search for love and more from the fact that he's lost $1.2 million on his New Jersey mansion.

Though the series has yet to begin filming, a tearful preview of the show does exist on Youtube:

The series is currently untitled ... any suggestions, folks?

Perhaps "Catching T.O. (and how to get rid of it once you've contracted it)."

VH1 orders Terrell Owens series [Hollywood Reporter]
Terrell Owens gets own reality show [Dallas Morning News]

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Name the show "How I Dropped The Ball"

"Jackass" is already taken, so I guess I don't know.

How about "The Day I Was Good At Football" and maybe it'll never air

It should be called "The Life and Times of a Dumb Jock". The end.

The life of a douchebag!


how about "even though everyone's clownin me i'm still a hall of famer."
but really..."get your popcorn ready" duh.

or how about "i might as well get with new york since neither of us will ever find love"

the name should be "get your popcorn ready"
or TO off the field

I think the name should be "Thats my quarterback :(

T.O. in the B-Lo

I think all of you losers should back off.So T.O. dropped some balls either way hes number 2 all time in touchdowns.And the Boys went 13-3 with him on the team where he had a 15 touchdown season.By the way a Cowboys All Time record.Blame Tony Romo he threw like 5 interceptions every game.How do you expect to catch a ball thats 10 yards away losers.Oh and please hes so lame yet HBO's Hardknocks put him all day in the spotlight more than Tony Homo.And he gots his own show coming July 27 take that know it alls.HA HA HA hes a star and you are??????????????

How about..stop hating I make more $$ than all of you. hahaha

show should be called; TO Show- Misunderstood

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