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Super Bowl predictions: You have them, we want them

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lombardi.JPGAfter two weeks of hype, an copious amount of analysis and tons of idle water-cooler talk, the football jamboree that is the Super Bowl is almost upon us.

Super Bowl Sunday has become a de facto American holiday and a time when football savant and those who don't know what a scat back is can joyfully intermingle in front of television sets. If you haven't been asked already, it's time for you to come out with those well-thought out predictions for the big game.
Sunday's Sun-Times features predictions for our esteemed writers as well as celebrities of varying degrees weighing in with their clairvoyance. Rick Telander, Greg Couch, Brad Biggs and Mike Mulligan are going with the favored Pittsburgh Steelers, while Carol Slezak foresees an Arizona Cardinals' upset.

Arnold Palmer, Bill O'Reilly and Yogi Berra all like the Steelers' defense to prevail, while Tracy Morgan says the franchise will pick up their league-best sixth Super Bowl victory.

On the other hand, Maya Angelou is picking the Cardinals because she likes birds, Jenna Fischer is angering Scranton by forecasting an Arizona victory and Dick Vitale likes Kurt Warner as a PTPer.

For the record, we here at Sports Pros(e) aren't the type to go against conventional wisdom. We predict Pittsburgh 27, Arizona 20.

Tell us who ya got.

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Arz 30
Pitt 26

Steelers 24
Arizona 17

Steelers win 21 to 17. THe Steelers have a VERY good D. The Cardnils are gonna have trouble getting through the air and on the ground. There is Hampton and Farrior on the line. Polomalu and Townsend to intercept. Kurt Warner is going to be pressured. Throwing the ball away. Go Steelers!

I like the chargers in this one! GO BOLTS

Cardinal - 31
Steelers - 20


psychic predications says...
Steelers 29
Arizona 14

Steelers Rock!!

Cards win 20-15!!!!

Cardinals: 28
Steelers: 7
arizona shocks the nation.
go cardinals

Steelers:24 Cardinals:10

The closer we get to game time, the more I'm really starting to believe in what the Cardinals are preaching. Cards 35, Steelers 30.

i think steelers will win it. cards are great, but not as mature as steelers.

i call

steelers 34
card 17

70% of planet Earth is covered by water. the other 30%, is covered by Troy Polamalu.

Steelers win 27-20.

Here comes the six-pack baby!!!

I have Arizona and the over with my life savings on the line. Go Kurt and your old looking wife!!!

Cardinals 13
Steelers 9

Go Cardinals!!!!

Arizona 33

steelers 27

STEELERS ALL THE WAY! I've got money riding on this. :)

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